3 Spooky Ways to Raise Funds in Fall

Fall is the season for both tricks and treats. Nonprofit groups are in a great position to blend the two for a good cause. A spooky night and a little bit of fright can be a great way to raise money and have fun at the same time.

Try a Costume Contest

People love dressing up, and it isn’t just for little kids. Cosplay has been getting more popular with young adults for years, and the fall is the best time to reach out to costume fans. Many of them make their outfits for the joy of dressing up as their favorite characters, but holding a contest and offering a little prize can be a good way to get even more interest. The organization can raise money by presenting the contest as a show and charging for admission or by collecting an entry fee.

Haunt a House

Nonprofits have been raising money through haunted houses for decades because it works so well. The simple fact is that people love to get spooked in a safe way. All it takes is an existing building, or even a long hallway, to convert into a haunted house for a few nights. It is normally easy to find volunteers to hand out a few scares, and there are plenty of people who will pay a small admission fee to experience the attraction.

Gather for Ghost Stories

Ghost stories are a popular tradition and a great form of entertainment. It is possible to bring in a storyteller and charge an admission fee, just like any other charity concert or event, but a lot of people know a story or two of their own. Calling for volunteers and turning it into a competition or simply a local gathering can keep costs down and build bonds in the community.

A little bit of planning and administrative work will go a long way towards making any of these events succeed. Process Donation offers a software platform that can automate huge parts of the process and simplify the rest of it. That saves time and makes it easier to see which events get the best results. Check it out to see if it can save time and money for your organization.

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