Gearing Up For Giving Tuesday: Start Early And Plan Well

Giving has always been part of the holiday spirit. In 2012, the United Nations and a nonprofit organization called 92nd street created Giving Tuesday, which falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It was created in the hope that fixing it just after Black Friday and Cyber Monday would push people to give, after spending so much on themselves. The idea worked as hoped and in its first year, Giving Tuesday fundraisers raised about $10 million. The next year saw the figure rise to almost three times that amount and subsequently move into hundreds of millions.   

Since the launch of Giving Tuesday, it has picked up steam and grown in popularity. It has trended on social media platforms, received front-page coverage in leading publications, and has gone international. Nonprofits all over the United States and world mark the day by hosting fundraisers and charity events, using the hashtag and branding of the movement to drive participation.

Does Giving Tuesday Really Help?

The value of Giving Tuesday grows every year. The money raised annually has been shared to thousands of charities and has gone towards saving many lives and doing a lot of good.

The popularity of the Giving Tuesday movement has also popularized the idea of giving, and has motivated people to volunteer their money, time and skills to charitable causes globally. The drive to be more thoughtful and involved in charity is definitely a very welcome development.  

How Organizations Can Prepare For Giving Tuesday

Globally, organizations gear up for Giving Tuesday quite early. Even though it is just a 24-hour event, it requires weeks/months of planning. Below are a few things to consider when planning for the big day.

  • Draft a campaign plan: Create a plan that addresses campaign strategies to incorporate Giving Tuesday into tasks set for the holiday season, types of fundraising campaigns, target audience, etc.
  • Determine fundraising goals: Set fundraising goals based on your organization’s fundraising abilities and member strength. Then inform your members and volunteers of the amount needed to be raised, so campaigns to meet the financial goal can start early.
  • Create a fundraising site: Use online tools and platforms to create a website for your organization dedicated to collecting donations for Giving Tuesday. Create regularly updated content related to the event, and any previous successes. Also, add a visible donate button to make it easy for assistance to roll in.
  • Analyze your resources: Evaluate your resources, including staff support and the budget available for your use on that day. Brainstorm with your team on creative ways to maximize the resources available to you.
  • Start awareness campaigns: Before the big day, automated software can be used to send donors and supporters periodic reminders to help spread the word about your organization’s planned participation in Giving Tuesday. They can share their plans to be involved on social media and use the branding hashtag to create awareness. You can also create innovative social media campaigns that drive conversations or hold events like charity marathons/dance-a-thons.  
  • Use available campaign resources: The Giving Tuesday website provides a plethora of resources that support nonprofits’ planning for the charity event, before during or after the big day. The website offers a toolkit that has ideas, logos, videos, and branding materials to effect a successful campaign. Their blog is also regularly updated with sample plans used by other organizations in the past.

While the primary goal of most nonprofits is to help their communities and causes close to their hearts, their charitable activities create a ripple effect worldwide. This year, Giving Tuesday falls on the 3rd of December. It is never too early to start planning to join the worldwide movement and earn increased visibility, increase supporter engagement, and earn trust for your brand. You can achieve all this while achieving your main purpose- raising funds for those who need it the most.  At Process Donation, we offer solutions for effective fundraising and donor management, and develop customizable software to help your nonprofit organization achieve its organizational goals. Contact us today!

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