Fall into Fundraising with These Creative Seasonal Events

Even though the weather may be getting colder, that doesn’t mean that donations have to go on the freeze. When it comes to engaging supporters — both current and prospective — seasonal events can provide engaging ways to grow relationships and dollars. Below are three creative fundraisers that can help you drive revenue this fall as well as solutions that Process Donations can provide to make fundraising simple.

Clothing Swap

Change of season brings with it a change of style and a unique opportunity to engage local supporters. Clothing swaps work by inviting participants to donate gently used clothing in exchange for the ability to take home other donated items for an entry fee. Swaps can be standalone events or organized in coordination with another larger event, such as a fall festival. Events like this are often successful because they allow you to give back to your supporters and the planet by preventing used clothing from ending up in a landfill. 

Tip: Utilize our event and registration features to make ticketing and check-in a breeze. Our interfaces are user-friendly, customizable, and offer a broad scope of functionality tailored to your unique needs.

Trick-or-Treat for You

Take advantage of one of fall’s most notable holidays by asking families to ask for donations while trick-or-treating. Outside of providing educational materials, this option requires little work on your part by recruiting even the youngest philanthropists to serve as the face and voice of your cause — a strategy that can lead to lifelong donors and reach even wider audiences. Donations can both be raised on Halloween as well as throughout October through ongoing online fundraisers. 

Tip: Donating on the move is easy with our mobile donation features, which function across computers, tablets, and mobile devices. In addition to making it easy for your supporters to donate wherever they are, our PD Lite app also integrates with our event and registration services (discussed above), which can provide you and your volunteers with increased flexibility and efficiency during in-person fundraisers. 

Coffee Chat

Engage your community in learning more about your work by hosting an open house coffee chat at your office. Doing so provides an intimate setting for constituents to deepen their understanding of your work and see the amazing people behind the mission. Events like this are essential for building brand affinity and increasing long-term engagement. 

Tip: Process Donation can help your organization stand apart from the rest with our branding services. Through mindful design, we ensure that your organization has a distinct and unified image across all of our fundraising functionalities. 

No matter what events you host this fall, Process Donation offers affordable solutions that can support non-profits of all sizes with successful fundraising, event and donor management, and branding. Get started by contacting us today

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