Why Memberships Are Important As a Lifeblood for Organizations

Memberships are the lifeblood of organizations, especially non-profit ones—because unlike regular corporations, they do not have stockholders. It is the member donations that keep the organization thriving as members donate their money, time and knowledge. These members range from individuals and small business owners to large corporations and lobbying groups. For these members, being part of the organization is a way to give back to their communities and be more visible to a customer base because of their philanthropy.

This membership comes in various levels, which are usually:

  • Free
  • Individual
  • Personal
  • Group
  • Corporate

Your organization’s membership numbers can be increased by creating awareness campaigns, hosting membership drives, and advertising/marketing widely through various channels. A sound membership program will offer members extra engagement opportunities while raising funds and resources that can help your organization fulfill its mission and achieve its goals.

Benefits Of Creating Membership

Creating membership programs in non-profit organizations have many benefits, including;

  • Extra revenue: It generates additional income through membership fees, which can go towards benefitting specific campaigns, boosting annual funds, and keeping the organization running.
  • Steady cash flow: Monthly membership dues will provide a reliable and expected cash flow that can be calculated and forecasted.
  • Providing a strong and loyal membership base: It creates a platform where invested supporters and professionals can congregate and feel like they are part of a community. This will drive their desire to volunteer more time and resources because they are invested in your mission. A membership program also provides members with networking opportunities.
  • Increase visibility: A membership program that comes with perks and exclusive member packages will draw attention, optimize your reach and spread your message across a wider audience. This attracts more volunteers and sponsors who will want to be part of the community.
  • Manage member data more efficiently: With a well-maintained membership database, you can manage membership fee collection, automate/regulate communication with your members, create corporate member reports and track your corporate sponsors.

To keep your membership program active, retain old members and attract new ones, you should do the following;

Communicate regularly: You should communicate regularly using newsletters, social media alerts, and personalized emails to let members know about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. Also, get feedback by sending surveys and doing interviews to find ways to review/update your membership programs.

Create Inclusive packages: Members will feel like part of a community if they are offered things like members-only newsletters, physical or online membership cards, and being invited to exclusive membership events/meetings.

Have an easy membership application: Your membership application forms should be easy to understand, straightforward, and simple to fill to make signing-up and membership renewal stress-free. Also, ensure these applications are readily available and on display on your website and your social media platforms. 

Offer rewards: Members will appreciate exclusive perks like discounts on products, services or event tickets.  Gifting them raffle tickets, branded t-shirts

Say ‘Thank You’: With just a little effort that goes a long way, you can keep your members invested in your cause by letting them know you notice and appreciate their dedication. You can do this by sending acknowledgements anytime a member attends an event, volunteers their time or resources, or pays membership dues/makes extra donations. Depending on the size of the organization, this can be done singly or using an automated system.   

In Conclusion

Creating a membership program for your organization is very vital, and is mutually beneficial to both the organization and the members/sponsors. With a good membership program, you can attract new members and retain old ones with good practices that keep them invested in your mission. At Process Donation, we offer you the opportunity and means to create membership, boost donations and efficiently run your organization. Contact us today!

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