How To Promote Your Charity To Accept Greater Online Donations

An article by the Chronicle of Philanthropy shows in a recent study that “84 percent of nonprofits, including many of the nation’s largest charities” are struggling to get donations. Technology has changed the way many businesses promote their industry and the same is true for online donations. Process Donation specializes in branding your nonprofit to accept donations online. 

How Can Process Donation Benefit Your Charity 

  • Donation Management 

Donation management helps effectively manage your fundraising efforts. Process Donation understands that donor tracking including tracking recurring contributions is important with features that include: 

  1. Online/Offline tracking 
  2. Effective Campaigns 
  3. Pending Donations 
  4. Validation 
  5. Political Donations
  • Fundraising Software

What is fundraising software? Fundraising software is an interactive technology tool that helps you increase your donations and manage your charity. In fact, fundraising software is helpful for all size charities. We provide a software database that organizes your donor records, provides support, and is easy to use. Enjoy support options to keep you engaged in every step of your fundraising efforts for your charity. 

  • Crowdfunding For Nonprofits

Process Donation helps you organize a large scale nonprofit event that focuses on crowdfunding for nonprofits. You can attract the donors you need through the internet. Today, crowdfunding can be done through host websites. In fact, over $5.5 billion in donations have been raised from crowdfunding tools. We help you attract donations from a large crowd of donors online. 

Process Donation uses our technology and your passion to boost your online donations with over 10+ years of experience. We use customized landing pages for your charity that’s embedded with your distinctive charity mark. Our professional technology focuses on an impressive flexible and scalable fundraising platform. We offer simple and low cost plans. Choose from standard, premium, and ultimate fundraising packages. You’re invited to contact us at Process Donation for more details on maximizing your fundraising efforts through online technology. 

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