Getting the Next Generation of Donors Onboard

Sometimes it feels like the world of social media has made competition fierce for smaller non-profits. Large and established organizations might have the upper hand with name recognition, but they are often lagging behind with younger generations. 

These next generation of younger and more active citizens wants to know exactly how their donation will make an impact. Experts consistently discuss the importance of being transparent and honest about how your organization spends donations; where does their money go and who does it help? Smaller organizations have the luxury of giving donors easy and transparent answers to these questions! 

The next generation of donors wants to have a strong connection to the causes they support, which means easy access to information they crave. Being able to actively engage with content in a unified platform allows these younger, engaged citizens to support your cause while sharing their philanthropic choices with peers. 

By using the power of peer to peer fundraising, smaller non-profits can let donors actively engage with younger generations on behalf of their mission. The concept is easy to leverage using software that helps your organization hone in on the message they want to share with followers. Giving your current donors an easy way to share with friends can help boost engagement across all levels. In fact, more than 50% of younger generations, specifically the millennials and Gen Z populations, are already helping to fundraise for charities by harnessing the power of social media. 

Your engaged millennial followers are more likely to become consistent donors when they share your mission with peers. But younger generations need to have easy access to your donation platforms. Implementing easy to use donation procedures like mobile programming, gives younger generations a chance to leverage peer to peer fundraising with a few clicks. 

Tapping into the uber-connected millennial and Gen Z population shouldn’t be difficult. For small to medium sized non-profits the key is simply to give these generations easy access to donation platforms that can promote events and missions with ease. 

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