Fall Into Fundraising With These Three Events

Summer is a few weeks away: school’s almost over, graduation parties are nearly done and summer vacation are in the final planning stages.

It’s the perfect time to think about fall fundraising for your non-profit organization. Whether your donors are out of town or doing the staycation this year, your organization’s fall planning still piques their interest and reaches their checkbooks no matter where they are, thanks to donor tracking software and online event ticket sales. But how do you entertain, enlighten and encourage donations among the faithful and attract new donors?

Advance towards autumn: fundraisers to fulfill your non-profit’s needs

Fall sports festival

Fall is the time for outdoor sports: mainly football, but baseball is heading to the World Series, basketball and soccer are comfortably played outdoors at this time, ice hockey is in the wings and sports such as lacrosse, golf, cross country running, tennis and volleyball are still actively enjoyed. Present a fall sports-themed festival at a local park or community center, with local sports gear vendors demonstrating and selling the latest gear, batting cages, soccer nets, virtual golf courses and three-on-three basketball team competitions. Use your fundraising database to offer raffle ticket packages online, with proceeds split between vendors and your non-profit. This is an opportunity for parents to shop for themselves and their kids’ sports needs while encouraging a healthy, active community.

Seasonal foliage/food festival

This is an opportunity to feature local merchants, shop, beautify the community, encourage healthy eating and raise money. Autumn does not end the growing and planting season; in many parts of the country, it is an opportunity to plant and harvest cool-weather produce or start seedlings indoors for spring transplanting. Welcome local farmers, hardware stores and garden supply shops to set up booths with garden tools, seeds, plants, water storage units, sheds, beds and greenhouses. Offer information on your plant hardiness zone from the U.S. Department of Agriculture so garden newbies know what and when to plant. Raffle prizes can include a home session with a Master Gardener, a month’s produce box from a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm or space in a local community garden.

Happy (twisted) holiday bazaar

Instead of selling the usual empty holiday-themed bags, baskets, boxes and packages of gift wrap, ask local merchants to donate goods and attractively fill those bags, boxes, baskets and wrappings and sell or raffle them at a “Ready, Set, Shop, Done!” event. It’s a chance for merchants to advertise their holiday goods and busy families to shop for exactly what they need stress-free, and stash it wrapped and ready for giving. Local restaurants, bakeries and coffee bars sell food and sweets baskets filled with snacks, teas, coffees, hot cocoa mix, mugs and gift cards for their shops to encourage patronage during the holiday season.

Process Donation’s software platform is your on-time, online assistant for planning and executing every aspect of your organization’s fundraising all year long. From brainstorming charity event ideas and organizing donor management functions to creating peer to peer fundraising campaigns, tracking donations and thanking everyone who makes your event a success, our passion customizing and simplifying your path to raise the most funds and provide the best community service.

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