Securing Memberships Creates Growth Potential

Your nonprofit may be solid and maintaining a steady pace, one which is meeting your expectations. If this is the case, then we sincerely congratulate you! However, we cannot encourage you enough to not only secure that success, but to also consider what taking your expectations to the next level looks like. 

Just like your personal budget, it is (of course) impossible to plan for the future without knowing and feeling good about your debt to income ratio, correct? As you have come to understand, the nonprofit sector is unique in that while it must be run similarly to a standard business and create money,  revenue is not the goal, unlike a business; growth for greater output is the ultimate goal. Your nonprofit needs to expand in order to spread the word, make money and foster its good purpose!

The Fact Remains, the Input Generates the Output

Many nonprofits start strong or reach a desired plateau and then slowly begin to fade before they notice the decline. Why? Often, the initial excitement and motivation behind the mission fades. The team’s momentum to initiate creative fundraisers tires, or they loose volunteers over a period of time. Sadly, an article published in The New York Times on February 26, 2019 asked the question, 

“Why do many nonprofit organizations have short lives…?”

Whatever the cause for failure may be, it is difficult to know exactly how much money fundraisers will produce, and therefore difficult to strategically plan for success. For example, a community wide, well supported, 5K/10K Fun Run can bring about thousands in donations one season, and the next year literally generate nothing! A nonprofit must create a solid foundation if it desires growth potential. 

Creating Membership Partners Just Makes Sense

Progressive and lucrative industries recognize the benefits of supporting nonprofits as never before. They project, yearly, how much they need in tax write offs and they look to support nonprofits which will not only serve this purpose, but also strengthen their reputation. It is not uncommon for businesses to group charitable funds with their advertising expenditures. 

This being understood, nonprofits who offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly membership plans make it easier for corporations and business owners to project and manage their budget and track revenue. Likewise, the nonprofit team is able to project donation outcomes more easily, and better plan for other fundraisers as necessary.

Ready to take your team to the next level? We are here for you! Contact us today, and let us help you implement a rewarding membership plan.

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