Boost Contributions With Website To Accept Donations Online

You want to raise money for your non-profit organization. Since you care about the goals you’re trying to achieve, you want to make sure you are promoting your organization in the best possible way.

Having a web page that accepts donations online is essential for your foundation’s success. Giving online has increased by 23 percent and continues to grow. Monthly online giving has gone up by 40 percent. These statistics are hard to ignore. Using peer-to-peer fundraising relies heavily on social media. A website that works on mobile devices, as well, could boost donations substantially. Forty percent of online traffic for nonprofits comes from mobile users. These are compelling reasons to design a website for your business.

There is an important principle to consider when constructing the content of your website. The act of giving has a measurable effect on happiness. If donating gives someone a positive experience, they are more likely to do it again. A website that elicits emotional satisfaction from donating will have a far-reaching influence on fundraising success. So how can you make your website a rewarding experience for visitors?

  • Evoking Empathy: Content should create an empathetic response in viewers. When people experience the compassionate parts of themselves, they feel good inside, and donation becomes more likely.
  • Making a Difference: Donors want to know that their help is having an impact. When you accept donations online, it’s wise to keep your contributors informed. Let them know what your organization is accomplishing. Do it right away, if possible, with updates within the week. The more detailed you are, the better. People donate twice as much when seeing specific examples of how their money is helping.
  • Providing Choice: Offer contributors the opportunity to make decisions when giving. How they donate, and in what area, brings them more satisfaction. Putting personal effort into the process feels more rewarding and meaningful to them.
  • Showing Appreciation: Thanking people who give donations is paramount. People who contribute financially feel much more fulfilled when it’s appreciated. They’re more likely to continue donating. You could ship them a gift with your logo on it, reflecting the interests of your organization. Sending a simple hand-held thank you card in the mail works well, too.

The power of using the internet to raise funds for your cause is undeniable. You have a chance to get your brand recognized. People can get to know what your goals are and how you have already helped in the world. Your website has the potential to inspire and provoke sharing by others. This leads to a network of people that want to see you succeed and help spread the word.

At Process Donation we can help you get started setting up your first web page. We’ll also help you with the non-profit software necessary to accept donations online and stay connected to your contributors. We guide you through the process step-by-step. Contact us for more information.

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