Mother’s Day: The Mother Of All Fundraising Opportunities

   According to the National Retail Federation, people will spend $23.1 billion dollars on celebrating Mother’s Day. That is a lot of money going to making Mom feel special, and a lot of good will and happy feelings being generated. Giving to our parents reminds us of all that we are grateful for and this can translate into being generous to your charity if you figure out how to capitalize on it. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get some of that sweet Mother’s Day money for your cause.

Create And Sell Gift Baskets

   Despite people loving their mothers, they frequently wait until the last minute to get a gift for them. You can leap into this void, providing the perfect general purpose gift that the procrastinating child can buy in good conscience, by creating gift baskets and selling them at a mark up. The profits will naturally come to your charity. Just remember that every mother is different: one likes mugs, another wants the latest book, and another wants a Swiss army knife. Put a bit of everything in the baskets and slap your non-profit’s logo on the side with a note saying ‘Thanks Mom,’ and you will please everyone.

Encourage Donating To Your Charity In Lieu Of Presents

    Flowers fade, chocolates have calories, and we can all have too many candles. Why not ask mothers to have their children give to your group in their name. You can offer to put the name of the mother who collects the most on your website or send her a nice certificate. This will give her a warm glow and prevent Mother’s Day gifts from cluttering her beautiful mantle. You can consider these to be your gifts to mothers everywhere.

   If these ideas excite you, then we have the donor management platform for you. Process Donation lets you manage donors, dabble in peer-to-peer fundraising, manage financial paperwork, and much more so you can focus on your fundraising ideas. Contact us for more information.

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