I Scream – You Scream: A Family-Friendly Fund-Raising Event To Spark Spring Donations

One of the many reasons why people support certain charitable events is because they’re near and dear to their hearts. In some cases, fundraisers are associated with something almost anyone will identify with like those that benefit children. When I was in school there was a group of college-aged young adults reaching out to younger students in an effort to keep them off the streets, out of trouble and away from drugs.

In doing so, they organized child-friendly, fun activities for kids to enjoy in a safe environment. Entitled “Junior High Life” their efforts were aimed at those attending middle school as they organized many unforgettable events that I fondly remember to this day. Although they weren’t necessarily designed with fund-raising in mind, they’re easily adaptable to successfully achieve and embrace this concept.

A More Modern Ice Cream Social

While some of their “High Life” party-related events wouldn’t fly in today’s society, like a “Strobe Light Pillow Fight,” others rocked-and-rolled when it came to getting families, friends, colleagues and their children to show up in droves to participate and contribute to a worthy cause. The “World’s Largest (or your town’s) Ice Scream Sundae” concept was a smashing success and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Attendees were asked to show up with a half-gallon of their favorite ice cream and a small contribution to cover the cost of toppings, sauces and in this case, would request a generous donation. The organizers of this event acquired gigantic sterilized containers in order to create an enormous, sharable sundae. Instead of simply crafting this dessert classic, participants were involved in some wacky and weird ways of creating this dessert classic.

Crafting Creative Competitions

Instead of simply putting together a dessert, the hosts of this event created some comical competitions in order to keep their audience engaged and entertained. Transporting ingredients from point A to B, adults were charged with carrying their kids riding piggy-back style during different heats of various funny footraces. After first acquiring some ingredients, then they were transported across a predetermined distance along with a few obstacles being put into place. 

During other pre-planned events, kids and their parents were challenged to come up with their favorite ice cream combinations, vote on the best choices and ultimately be awarded the crown and title of being the Ice Cream King, Culinary Queen, Pantry Prince or Princess. In other venues, seated panels were put into place where sweet tasters were challenged to identify different ingredients while blindfolded.

If holding this type of an event has enticed your sweet tooth and you’re craving more, we’ve got plenty of ways of achieving award-winning avenues to get more money into your charity coffers. Please feel free to contact us today to start planning the many different ways we’re able to play and stay more connected with our community.

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