Accepting Donations Online and Other 21st Century Marketing Tactics

Peer to peer fundraising is the newest and most efficient way of growing a platform, brand, or any form of financial capital. Nonprofit fundraising is always a little more challenging without established networks and the venture capitalists that the larger non-profits have; however, with many tools that Process Donation has it is quite easier to capitalize on the new age of financing. 

Social Media and Viral Marketing

Direct fundraising through donors and donations is the best, low risk way of maintaining a stable capital; the direct donations are best achieved through viral posts and tweets on social media due to the massive audience on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These platforms thrive on users ability to share posts, interact with posts, and comment on current events or the posts themselves; this inherent nature of the platforms is where for profit businesses like Wendy’s and Starbucks make a positive name and promote themselves very well. Non-profits can capitalize on this type of viral marketing when it comes to their crowdfunding, events, and messages; going back to twitter all it takes for a non-profit to reach 5.1 million people (impressions) is by getting 2,500 retweets and 3,700 favorites, which by viral standards is a low number. In all respects non-profits have an even better opportunity to utilize these metrics by making posts that pull at the heart strings or tap into people’s sense of humor to portray the businesses message, products, or services. Process Donation has software that integrates crowdfunding campaigns and social media accounts, as well as it utilizing donation software which gives comprehensive reports on donors so the company can have better analytics on who is supporting their campaigns. 

Non-Profit Tools

Process Donation has fulfilled the niche of viral non-profit social media marketing, many tools are at the disposal of the company to  also integrate their business entirely around a system that provides superior software for crowdfunding and non-profit event planning. If a business utilizes events such as dinners, fundraisers, or family friendly communal get togethers there is software available to create events. These events can be organized, integrated, and even disperse tickets through Process Donation into the company’s social media platforms, utilizing these features into the viral marketing tactic will allow for an expanded audience and interaction with the community at large. Utilizing events allows for a traditional role of grassroots and community interaction, but blending this with social media marketing allows for a greater role in word of mouth and impressionable outreach.

Utilizing the Market

Overall utilizing the different features and software Process Donation gives non-profits in combination with the newer viral marketing techniques will give a heightened brand recognition and brand loyalty if executed correctly. Capitalizing on the positive nature of the non-profit and the viral nature of humor/emotion will create an entirely new market for the non-profit to gain access to and make their mark in. Making sure to integrate the features into the marketing strategy creates a fluid and interactive brand that appeals to not only the average person via interactive events but also the upcoming generations via the interaction and social media presence which the youth have appreciation for. 

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