Dollars, Donations, Investment: Why Membership Is The New Fundraiser

Funding your nonprofit is a year-round task requiring a consistent source of money. From providing services to your target clients to paying office rent, utility bills and staff salaries, few of the 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S. function without a source of capital. 

But aside from annual benefits such as dinners, auctions and other social or cultural fundraiser events, what else works towards your goal of raising and maintaining a steady source of income while providing perks to donors? Memberships at both the individual and corporate levels offer benefits for your donors and your organization. It’s no longer simply “give us your money.” Now it’s “join us and we’ll work together to put your money to maximum use.”

Four ways a membership program helps your nonprofit

  • Money raised by a membership offering represents immediate, unrestricted funding available for use where it’s needed the most.
  • Memberships mean organized donations: the often haphazard data gathering and client contacting needed during the year for fundraisers is greatly reduced when membership data exists in one place.
  • Money raised by a membership offering is both regular and predictable: your CFO knows how much each membership costs and when it’s due for annual payment.
  • Membership funds’ recurring revenue represents donor loyalty: after the first payment, the others become easier and automatic. Donors are likely to remain with the membership program at a rate of about 70% when they don’t need to think about their monthly payment.

Four ways a membership program tells donors they’re special

  • Memberships make people feel connected and special; they’re part of an elite group, close to the heart of what’s going on in the organization.
  • Memberships provide the opportunity to send out special perks and thank yous to donors; partnering with community merchants for their goods and services as part of the appreciation package adds an additional local connection and offers those merchants additional advertising of their products.
  • Membership means personal engagement; these donors seek involvement and participation in your organization, and bring other like-minded individuals for a similar experience.
  • Membership means advocacy and advertising: dedicated donors spread the word of your good work by word of mouth and donation deeds. When members see the positive results, they tell others to join, providing the best form of advertising for your organization: free and factual.

Dealing with membership details is a job perfectly suited to Process Donation. Our software platform handles everything from campaign branding, site design and rollout to peer-to-peer fundraising, donations and social media on mobile devices, membership data tracking and financial data integration. When your organization makes the move to memberships, contact us for more information and a free demonstration.

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