Winter Fundraising: Get The Money Moving!

This winter’s snow, slush, relentless wind and ice storms drive everyone indoors to the comfort of the couch, cozy slippers and catching up on TV shows. But it’s also the perfect time for your organization to host a fundraising event. You have a captive audience, driven indoors by the chill and going stir-crazy with inactivity. There’s this month with two holidays: Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. And spring is coming, though it seems well-buried in a tall snowbank right now. You have three fun nonprofit event ideas sure to get attention and raise money through in-person or online ticket and merchandise sales.

Defrost your fundraising: events to excite your donors

Polar Vortex-Palooza

The if-you-can’t-beat-‘me-join-’em option is to get into winter for charity’s sake. Find community park space with open fields and invite teams to build igloos and snow forts, judged on appearance and stability. A frozen pond or ice-over expanse of asphalt becomes a skating rink for adults and kids to display their talents, or mark the area for an ice hockey match between local police and firefighters. Invite local merchants to sell hot cocoa, coffee, tea, baked treats and winter accessories, such as gloves, hoodies, scarves and socks.

Who’s Your Valentine, Mr. President?

Take the best of two holidays and host a winter carnival, complete with snowball throw games (use bowling pins or other inanimate targets) for prizes, goony golf on a snow-maze golf course, ice-sculpting and snowman-building contests and a kids’ Valentine’s Day card contest: encourage artistic talent and teach history with pre-made cards depicting past presidents and their accomplishments, and ask children to decorate and write a note to the pictured president.

Can’t Wait To Bring in Spring

Encourage donors to think ahead to spring: outdoor activities, gardening and cleaning. Host a “Winter Flips To Spring” festival, featuring merchants selling everything needed for the season’s change: organic cleaning products, gardening tools, seeds and supplies; athletic gear, children’s play clothes and light, healthy foods and recipes. Local chefs and restaurants reopening for the season, offering new menus or expanding to outside seating can sell small plates or samples on a stick to advertise their business and help raise money. Offer short seminars (for an additional donation) on planting vegetables, house painting and lawn care.

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