Keeping Your Winter Fundraisers Efficient and Effective

    Now that we are past the big spike in giving that tends to occur around the winter holidays, it is time to capitalize on momentum you built up during those months. This isn’t always easy; a lot of people are feeling pinched financially after all the spending they did between October and December and this gives you fewer resources to work with. You frequently have to make do with less. However, you can make the winter nonprofit events super effective by following these tips.

Streamline Your Donor Management Software

     Being able to track donations, accept donations online, encourage peer-to-peer fundraising, and sell tickets through one piece of nonprofit software makes your fundraisers more efficient. It makes it easier to track what you are doing and you don’t have to waste resources on doing all those things separately. It also makes you look like you have your act together so that people who give to you feel like they made an effective donation and want to do it again. Fortunately, there is plenty of fundraising software for nonprofits. For instance, Process Donation can be used for all those things. 

Gamify To Prime More Giving

    Getting people excited about your particular fundraiser should be easy: you have a great cause, and everyone wants to support you. However, people are more likely to give if they view it as fun. As LifeHacker points out, people get a little dose of dopamine every time they see themselves accomplish a task and get a reward, which keeps them motivated to keep doing the thing. The simple way to make your charity fun is to make a game out of the fundraiser and set up a public way of tracking progress. For instance, a favorite way to reward people for giving is to put up the ‘donation thermometer,’ a giant paper thermometer with donation milestones marked out on it. People get a kick out of seeing their thermometer get colored in as their charity earns more.

     Another way of doing this is to make your fundraiser an actual game, such as a Walk-A-Thon or a drawing contest. This gamification of your fundraisers will develop regular, motivated volunteers and contributors, which will save you the cost of hunting up more volunteers and contributors all the time. 

Advertise Online

   According to The Nonprofit Times, the average charity can expect to spend $0.04 on online advertising for every $1.00 they raise online. This number varied by type of charity, with animal charities spending $0.13 for every dollar raised and rights groups spending just $0.08, but the rate of return remained impressive. The fact is that you can reach lots of people cheaply with online banners and ads for your fundraisers, and that leaves your charity with more money for your programs that didn’t get eaten up by advertising.

    If you want to make the next couple of month’s fundraisers as efficient as can be, check out Process Donations. As our motto says, we want all non-profits to succeed, so we’ll be glad to help.

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