Create A Charitable Spark: Three Winter Fundraisers

The challenge of any fundraising event is twofold: obtaining donations for your cause and creating enough excitement to get donors out of the house, or at least away from their online activities long enough to donate. The seasonal aspect is an additional demand on your resources: the post-holiday lack of funds, the miserable weather and the shorter, darker days reduce donations.

Why not apply winter to your nonprofit event’s advantage? Take the best of the season, combine with fundraising software and peer to peer donations, and create an event destined to be an annual party.

Light a fire under those donors! Three fundraisers for frosty times

Hot cocoa for charity

Hot beverages on a cold day warm the body and remind everyone of good times with friends and family seated before a roaring fireplace. Bring back that fun with a hot chocolate fundraiser. Offer tea and coffee too, along with baked goods for sale. Partner with a local community park, and ask rangers to build small fires in the park’s available grills for toasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Provide space for local merchants to offer packaged varieties of coffees, teas and flavored hot cocoa mixes (such as mint, salted caramel, French vanilla and malted milk) along with mugs, French presses, teapots, chocolate-coated spoons, rock candy sticks and other drinking accessories. Sell raffle tickets; prizes include merchant-created beverage-themed gift baskets.

A midwinter night’s summer day

Turn your local community center into a day on the boardwalk and beach. Pretend it’s not below zero outside, with salt on the roads and icicles adorning the eaves! Bring in beach sand, shells, bright lights, lounge chairs, big towels, umbrellas and some inflatable palm trees and take everyone on a vacation from winter! Set up volleyball nets, kiddie pools, carnival-style games and picnic tables, and sell beach-type food (burgers, hot dogs, wings, shakes, fruit slushes and sodas). Your charity benefits from the game and food sales and everyone enjoys a short winter break.

Charity curl-off

Everyone’s heard of curling, most people sneak a few minutes’ peek during the Winter Olympics, but few really understand the sport. Now’s your chance to start a new tradition and raise funds. More than a game with a rock and some brooms played on ice, curling boasts a 400-year-old history and is a mix of chess, chance, physical strength, mental skill and yelling. This is a game where shouting is not only OK, it’s a requirement.  You don’t need the exact items required by the sport’s governing body, since few places have eight 44-pound granite stones, nylon push brooms and 150′ x 15′ of pebbly ice surface ready for play. A local ice rink or frozen pond works, marked off with lines and bulls eyes. Sell event tickets and food at the event, and invite teams from local police and fire departments, schools and political organizations to compete.

Process Donation’s platform is your event assistant 365 days a year. From promoting your brand, donor tracking and peer-to-peer fundraising interface to event registration, volunteer coordination, emailing and financial reporting, our mobile software moves you seamlessly from event concept to completion. Contact us for more information and a free demonstration, and we’ll clear your way to a successful winter fundraiser.

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