The Standout Donation Page: Get Noticed, Get Funded

You’re the socially responsible, community-minded kind of person who’s all in when it comes to raising money for a cause. From organizing charity events and selling tickets online to expertise with donor management software, you’ve got the nonprofit know-how down to the last detail.

But what about your donation page? This is the first marketing tool potential benefactors see before making their decision to give or go elsewhere. Does your donation page stand out, prove its worth and ask for funds, or does it present a plain and pedestrian face to the giving world?

An unforgettable sight: three ways to drive donors to your page:

A call to action with action

Open your donation page with a video clip. No caption or voice-over narrative, but let the words of the video speak for you. Use scenes shot from your charity, with actual clients telling their story: how they got where they are, what brought them to the point where they needed help, the benefits received and how their lives have changed for the better because of donations from everyday people. The big checks from the wealthy donors are wonderful, all donations matter and every one makes a difference.

When a “page” looks like something else

Why should a donation page look like the computer screen it’s displayed on? Get attention with design changes! Present a page that looks like a sticky post note, or a tri-fold flyer or display a circular or octagonal-shaped page. Use a variety of fonts to format strategically-placed “handwritten” headers throughout the page; this provides a personalized look and feel, as if you’ve just jotted down a note to your friends. The differences get noticed and keep potential donors on your site.

Your donation page technology is a donor’s best friend

Don’t just mention your crowdfunding efforts and your free nonprofit events; brag about them and ensure their success! Link your page to your social media pages and keep it current with tweets, fundraising updates and thanks to those who donate and spread your message. Process Donation’s software brings effective and free donation management software to your mobile device.  From crafting your cause’s image and theme to organizing events and volunteers, managing funds, thanking donors and doing it 24/7 while you manage life. Contact us today for information, a free demonstration and the powerful donation page that brings friends and funds to your cause.

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