A Comprehensive Guide To Fundraising Through Sponsorships: Part 3

Donations from individual donors can be a powerful way to support a charity. However, it is not the only method. Getting donations and sponsorships from corporations can provide organizations with a quick burst of needed funds. The following dives into two tools that non-profits should utilize in order to earn these sponsorships.

Tool #3: Have Targets

While associations should cast their sponsorship nets as wide as possible, they should also have a strategy. The best place to start is with the businesses that an association already has a relationship with. This includes any companies that have given money to the association in the past. When these businesses are asked to become sponsors, they rarely say no because they know and trust the organization. Additionally, they tend to be more understanding if something goes wrong. 

The next tier of businesses that associations should target as sponsors are those that they know but that have not donated in the past. The key here is that they are aware of the association and respect it. They might be a contact of a board member or the business that a current member works for. It is often best to approach these potential sponsors after the association has hosted a successful event or successfully completed a project with the first tier of sponsors. By doing this, the association can show the benefits available to sponsors. 

The final tier is the most challenging, but it is also the biggest. It includes all of the businesses that the association does not know and that do not know the association. This tier should be approached last. The reason for this is that once an association has approached businesses in tier one and tier two, they will likely have gained new contacts who can make referrals and introductions to businesses that would otherwise have been cold calls. A business that an association has no connection to will be much more open to becoming a sponsor if a mutual acquaintance creates a connection. 

Tool #4: Offer Strong Branding Options

A banner at an event is only so lucrative to a sponsor. It is much more incentivizing to offer them something unique. This might be a branding spot in they association’s custom mobile app or customer website. Alternatively, it could be a regular spotlight in member communication or in the association event calendar. However, the only way to be able to offer this type of marketing is to have access to a custom association app, website, and so on, which is just one of the reasons associations should invest in an integrated online association platform. 

These tools are made even stronger when combined with a quality donation platform, such as Process Donation. For more tools that will lead to corporate sponsorship, please read Part 1 and Part 2. 

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