Five Productive Steps Towards 2019

Five Productive Steps Towards 2019

Philanthropy, in the form of nonprofits, is on the rise. The year 2019 will usher in new agencies with exciting causes and attractive, energetic branding, while those who prospered well in 2018 and those who did not, will be poised, ready to try different strategies.

But no matter what phase of the game a nonprofit finds itself in on January 1, 2019, there are accessible ways to improve and grow without creating a stressful, health-hazardous year for yourself and your employees. Ready for 2019, the best year yet? It is time to: Get Back to Basics, Clean-Up, Re-invest Your Time, Get Personal, and Boost Gratitude.

Get Back to Basics: Look at Your Mission Statement 

Never underestimate the charge to “Get Back to the Basics.” The first step towards a successful new year is to ask, “Who do we say we are?” The nonprofit’s mission statement should be clear, powerful, and therefore engaging. The mission statement should greet the potential donor upon accessing the website, and immediately demand curiosity. It should draw the potential donor to further investigate the nonprofit’s cause, by perusing the website.

If your mission statement is weak or mediocre, it is time to implement better terminology. But, playing with words is tricky. The new message should not sound foreign to regular supporters and those familiar with the nonprofit. The professionals at Process Donation understand the capacity of words. They are ready to any nonprofit create an optimal message; one which will further motivate devoted donors, and capture potential donors.

Simplify and Clean-Up Your Approach

Once your mission statement is polished and tight, take a second look at the wording, organization, and your nonprofit’s label. Taking a step back and looking at what you resemble through word and visual aid is never a waste of time. Artwork, fonts, videos, and verbiage come together and either constitute power or vulnerability.

Sometimes the presentation is inviting, but the ability to navigate through the page is complicated, too simple, or annoying. And labeling should be congruent with your organization’s purpose. Font alone, for example, can illustrate a corporate or empathetic edge.

If it is time to reinvent, and you do not have a strong, creative team, contact Process Donation. They can help you take branding to the next level, without eliminating originality, making you free to do what you do best.

Re-Invest Your Time 

Now that your platform is ready for the New Year, consider and reconsider how you spend your time. Are you typically burned out by April? Do board meetings tend to take nonproductive turns down unintended paths? No matter the case, take a quick inventory of how you spend your time.  You know what you do well, and this is where you need to expend more energy. If you loathe writing but spend hours returning emails to donors, volunteers, and inquiries, delegate the job to a passionate writer.

Maybe your strength lies in face to face interaction; if so, put it to better use. Attend more chamber of commerce and local government committee meetings, or take executives and faithful donors out to lunch on a quarterly basis. It is time to reinvest your efforts.

Get Personal

Since nonprofits are becoming a common part of the marketable world, giving a personal voice to a unique cause is imperative. A nonprofit’s purpose should not resemble that of a revenue-generating-business, but rather a progressive-organized-effort to make the world a better place, by alleviating an area of need.

While everyone knows that eliminating need requires funds, dollar signs is not the first thing people should imagine when accessing a nonprofit’s website, or think about when they hear the name of a nonprofit mentioned during conversation.

This concept of becoming more personal is truly a continuation of the previous three steps, and ties into the final step as well. The mission statement should be passionate, and in some cases even compassionate. Adding personal testimonies to the website through written expression, pictures and videos from individuals and communities who have been helped by the nonprofit’s mission is persuasive to say the least, and spending time face to face with individual and company sponsors can open doors like nothing else.

All of the above being said, nonprofits should never forget a hearty, “Thank You!”

Boost Gratitude

In the hyper-technological business world, nothing shines brighter than authentic, personal gratitude. If you do not know much about your donor, have a member of your team do some research in order to thank the sponsor in the most effective manner.

While a box of hand iced cookies from a local bakery (that your nonprofit collaborates with) may speak volumes of thanks to a local physician’s office, a hand written card from you is more appropriate for the town manager of a growing township, such as Gilbert, AZ for example.

Be ready for a favorable New Year, contact Process Donation today.

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