3 Ways To Update New Year’s Eve Fundraiser Ideas More Uniquely Online

Fundraisers go along with the holiday season like cookies and milk, but sometimes the same, tired platforms seem out of place in today’s more modern, technologically driven society. Attending black-tie galas with silent auctions are becoming less unique, a thing of the past with more people than ever using social media platforms. Recent research reveals the majority of Americans are still using Facebook and YouTube while younger users are primarily found on Snapchat and Instagram.

In this light, depending on demographics, these are the prime places to connect with potential donors. So let’s look at three ways New Year’s Eve fundraising ideas are getting an update to get more donations for the next fiscal year.

#1 – Online Raffle & Prize Presentation

Raffles are almost always a fun and rewarding way to get more bang for your donation buck and there are some creative ways of pulling this type of concept off successfully online. When you have items worthy of raffling off, put them up on the social media auction block and offer “tickets” for a certain amount. Remind buyers with more of them being purchased, this will increase a user’s potential chances of winning. As always, the event will end with a random drawing to award prizes.

#2 – Playing The Name Game

Adorable animals and beautiful babies always grab the attention of internet users browsing through social media channels. Take advantage of this phenomenon and offer donors the availability to name a cute mascot. This type of campaign usually travels along the same lines as the raffle concept or promoters could raise the stakes. For example, instead of awarding the winner through a random drawing of all entries, the person ultimately chosen to give their namesake could be the donor with the biggest dollar amount contributed.

#3 – Benching & Building

Another way of marking a special occasion or paying tribute to a person, place or event is through the erection of a wall, pathway or installation of a bench or statue engraved with the donor’s name or message. The arrival of another year is the perfect time to launch this type of a campaign especially since these are lengthier processes. Without the need of further explanation, this is ideal for a year-long campaign drawing bigger donations over the course of time.

To put your successful New Year’s campaign into motion, request a demonstration from Process Donation today! We’ll take your fundraising drive into the twenty-first century on board popular social media platforms for better results.

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