Holiday Fundraising With A Special Touch

Christmas and New Years are the most celebrated holidays around the world. It is a time of love, unity, and family — a time to capture the feeling of belonging and the need for service. In a non-profit organization, it is essential for leaders to foster love and family during the season of Christmas. They must exemplify to their employees a sense of value and belonging that strengthens the bond of partnership in accomplishing the mission and vision for the organization.

Studies show that employees who are happy, are more productive. Productivity yields excellent results, especially when Leaders encourage the heart.  Leaders who help their employees, look out for their well-being and support the small accomplishments, which produces satisfied and committed employees.  This holiday season, a fun challenge to get employees happy and proud of what they are doing for the organization is to present a fundraising opportunity that allows employees to utilize their gifts and talents in a way that will increase funding for the organization and give beautiful and memorable contributions to others.  This great cause benefits all parties involved (employers, employees and their families, the community and the donors. Employees involvement is key to a fun yet successful fundraiser event.

Start the event by setting up a staff meeting (don’t just include your executive staff but all the way down to your Direct Care Staff) and present a fundraising Arts & Craft Sale! The artworks should be as creative as possible and in variety. Think of the following that employees can make but especially along with clients. If you provide services to those of intellectual and developmental disabilities, children. etc., make it beautiful and meaningful, thinking of the lives that will be touched through the presented gifts. Creative artworks can range from bath soaps, scarves, hats, jewelry, pottery, paintings, sculptures, clothing, embroidered pillows, gift cards, music, baked goods, and other creative crafts. It may sound simple, but with the right materials, time and love put into it, these artworks can be wrapped into beautiful gifts for the holiday season. You want to present to your donors and the community about the creativity of your employees and how they are using their various gifts and talents to serve others.

The various artworks should be sold on multiple platforms to reach more buyers. However, an online presence will help to speed up the purchases and increase your funding stream. To support the planning process go smoother, with less stress while adding a professional touch, contact Process Donation They are in the business of making you look good. They are a fundraising platform that helps you get the needed funds to make your organization flourish. All you need to do is give them the ideas that you and your team collaborated on and how you would like to implement it. Your main focus is to get your employees to focus on getting ready for the main event and wait for the outcome.  Be sure to put up a blog about the hard work your employees put into the Arts & Craft Sale and give needed recognition for everyone.  For some organizations this might be a successful one-time event, for others, it might mean continually having an online store. Either way, the best to your organization’s fundraising success and hopefully a long-term partner with Process Donation.

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