4 Steps to Increase Holiday Fundraising

This holiday season (also known as “The Giving Season”) is the perfect time to expand your fundraising efforts. According to a GuideStar Survey, over 50% of nonprofits receive the bulk of their contributions between October and December. People are feeling charitable. They are busy shopping for meaningful gifts. Minimalism is all the rage. (Who needs more stuff?) Social activism is on the rise. Seize the opportunity to increase your funding by implementing these 4 steps to make your cause the go-to destination for holiday gift-giving this year.

1. Accept Donations Online

People are bombarded with a lot this during the holiday season. Make giving easy by using Process Donation to manage all aspects of your fundraiser, including online donations and advertising. Appeal to everyone’s desire to cross a few names of their list by reminding them that that a donation to your organization makes a great (and easy!) gift.

2. Measure It

Maybe your local coffee shop has a program to provide coffee to those who cannot afford their own. Are you more likely to purchase a cup for someone in need or drop $3.00 into a donation jar? If you are like most people, you will buy the coffee because you can visualize the cup of coffee. It feels less abstract than dropping money in a jar. Help potential contributors visualize the good that their money is doing by providing materials that explain what each donation covers; shots for a rescued dog, Thanksgiving dinner for a family in need, a winter’s worth of heat. Be sure to offer a variety of price points to ensure that there is something for everyone.

3. Wrap It Up

Many people are interested in making a donation as a gift, but feel uncomfortable about not having something tangible for the recipient to unwrap. For those folks, make it super convenient by offering a physical object related to the donation. A simple and inexpensive gift can be given free with a specified donation or easily purchased at the same time for an additional cost. If yours is a small organization and cannot afford to do this, consider something as simple as a digital card that can be easily downloaded and printed.

4. Make It Homemade

Although not always possible or practical, giving a homemade gift alongside a donation is especially meaningful. If you are raising money for a school, have students make cards. Use recycled materials to make ornaments for environmental causes. Regardless of the cost or size, a homemade object related to the mission of your organization will win over even the biggest Grinch.

Contact us for more information and give us the opportunity to show how much we can do for you this holiday season.






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