Beyond Black Friday, Cyber Monday: Giving Tuesday Sparks The Season

After you’re stuffed like a turkey, shopped ’til you drop and clicked “Buy Now” on those online deals, it’s time for the best day of the year: Giving Tuesday. This special day is the one time to set aside commercialism and consumerism and join a global giving movement. It’s the moment those who are grateful for what they have remember those with greater needs and provide help to individuals, organizations and communities worldwide.

Why Giving Tuesday works

  • This day is a camaraderie-building, environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible way to bring families, workplaces and communities together with a single goal: fundraising for a cause meaningful to the group. It’s a gift you give each other that lasts, instead of another box of candy, bottle of perfume or ugly tie.
  • It’s a day to use social media for something positive. Start a fundraising event online, instead of the usual political bashing and bad news broadcasting.
  • It’s an opportunity to teach the younger generation the Internet is more than games, shopping and Snapchat. There’s literally a world of need out there, and Giving Tuesday provides the chance to choose how to donate and see the benefits of those donations.

Get the most out of Giving Tuesday

Create a dedicated fundraising page

Incorporate a nonprofit event, such as a bake or craft sale, into your fundraising page to draw interest. Provide a “Donate Now” feature on the page for those who cannot attend the event, but will make a monetary donation.

Use peer-to-peer fundraising

It’s easy for those who care about your cause to support you through peer-to-peer fundraising. Individualized donation pages targeting specific donors, personalized emails and specialized marketing campaigns make every donor feel needed and special, and encourage donors to invite others.

Clever hashtags

Identify your Giving Tuesday with a unique hashtag that identifies the campaign and the cause. Keep it minimal and marketable, but not pleading (donors don’t want to see #GiveMoneyOnGivingTuesday; that’s begging, not asking for donations). If your nonprofit event involves an animal shelter, a #GivingsGoneToTheDogs is a good example of catchy and convincing.

Set and share fundraising goals

Smaller, incremental fundraising goals are easier to manage and provide donors with a sense of accomplishment. Donation management software tracks funds accurately and provides a tangible sense of what’s done and what’s still needed.

Write small blog posts and schedule releases

Keep donors’ spirits high and funds flowing in with short blog postings describing the fundraising campaign. Include a description of the beneficiary cause, a quote from the organization’s leader and invite input from donors for future fundraising campaigns. Use a social media management platform such as Buffer to release regular updates. Use the momentum to move from a single day of giving to a long-term cause.

How Process Donation gives on Giving Tuesday

Process Donation’s easy-to-use software platform provides everything needed for a successful Giving Tuesday and beyond: social media integration, campaign creation, emails, event ticketing, mobile applications and donation management that keeps you organized while you optimize your efforts. Contact us for more information, a free demonstration and turn Giving Tuesday 2019 into the first of many fundraising days.

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