Use Fundraise Now And Finance Your Non-Profit All Year

When donors and nonprofits consider fundraising events, it’s usually the big, glamorous eventswith business sponsorship and media coverage that generate the most interest and largest checks. But the small-scale events away from the bright lights and public relations announcements generate funds to run your organization every day, and deserve equal attention. These donors host small gatherings focusing on fundraising, or turn an ordinary life celebration into a reason to turn friends and family into donors.

Four reasons to encourage peer to peer fundraising all year long

It requires fewer organizational resources

Time, money and energy are premium commodities; when your donors do the work for you by promoting fundraising at their own events and provide guests with the “Fundraise Now” option on their RSVP or event announcement page, they’ve saved your staff the effort necessary to ask for donations. The online option is simple for donors and less expensive than time and budget-consuming calls, letters and emails to donors.

It’s not tied to a time of day, season or holiday event

Year-round fundraising provides the tie-in to any event; it’s not dependent on a holiday theme, it’s not affected by the weather or donors’ out-of-town plans, because the “Fundraise Now” option works from anywhere. Donors planning to attend an event but delayed or cancelled by last-minute emergencies still have the online donor option. They literally do not have to be present to make your nonprofit a winner!

It creates a network on its own

Inviting peers to make the “Fundraise Now” choice is an equal opportunity for everyone to be a part of something socially responsible while opting in for a good time. Along with knowing the host of the event, guests have the additional common status of giving to a cause greater than themselves. And the online reach is far greater than the limited contacts accomplished with other methods.

It’s discreet, private and secure

The event organizer isn’t spending time working the room asking for money, collecting checks and ensuring none of them are lost. “Fundraise Now” on their event page manages donations quickly and securely, without the awkward questions and silent stares. Difficult donation conversations no longer happen while standing around the bar or seated at dinner.

Process Donation’s platform provides a mobile fundraising management system for any individual or nonprofit’s next step as a fundraising professional. Your next celebration, block party or holiday event goes from conventional to exceptional with our full suite of services. From campaign planning, ticketing and organizing volunteers to managing donations, guest registration and donor thank-yous, our software works as hard as you do. Contact us for more information, a free demonstration and make it “Fundraise All Year Now!”

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