No Turkeys Here: Thanksgiving Fundraisers Raise Awareness, Donations

Although the 1.5 million national nonprofits raise funds throughout the year, many find donors giving more generously during the holiday season; during the so-called “Giving Season,” donors gave about 25% of their total donation dollars between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, and nearly half of all donors gave more during the holidays than the rest of the year. And more than half of all nonprofits surveyed here reported receiving the majority of their donations between October and December.

With ever-increasing need and so many requests, donors want unique nonprofit events as opportunities to give and see the results produced by the funds, goods and services provided.

Here are four ideas for your nonprofit’s vision of a better Thanksgiving:

You CAN help the community

Invite the town to bring canned goods to the community center and organize teams to build Thanksgiving-themed CAN-structions, with local political and community leaders as judges. It’s a free nonprofit event, good fun and the food is then donated to your nonprofit’s clients for their own Thanksgiving meals.

It’s the great pumpkin (pie eating contest)!

Who is the city’s best baker? Who has mom’s great secret recipe? It won’t matter much, because this is a contest for speed, not slow savoring. Divide contestants by gender and age, set the timers, offer a few rules (no hands, no tossing pies at each other) and let them eat pie! Raise money from entry fees and post-contest pie sales.

Holiday table ornament sale

The list-making, cooking, visiting, driving and hunting for the “good” dishes, glasses and enough chairs for company takes time and energy, and everyone seems to forget that before dinner is served, the table needs a little festive decoration, too. This is the time for an ornament fundraiser sale: fresh and dried flower arrangements, candles and candle holders, fall-themed placemats, napkin rings, coasters, door and window wreaths are hostess gifts and add a personal touch to a well-set holiday table.

Food basket raffle

Get local merchants involved in donating food, goods and services for holiday baskets. Wrap and tie in holiday colors, photographed for your website, these help sell event tickets online, and silent auction winners keep them or give them as gifts. Include commonly-overlooked but appreciated holiday items: after-dinner chocolates, crackers, dip mixes, nuts, pretzels, drink mixes, tea, coffee, cocoa, cooking utensils and gift cards for personal chef service or home cleaning service.

At any nonprofit event, Process Donation is your donor management partner

Our software platform goes from your office to your smart device to the event. It’s your fundraising database, donor tracking software, volunteer assignment manager, social media tool and financial data recorder. Whether your donors organize a peer to peer fundraising campaign, you need a last-minute marketing campaign or your accountant needs up-to-date ticket sales information NOW, Process Donation’s technology takes your cause from idea to reality. Contact us for more information and a free demonstration. We’ll help you get the most out of the giving in Thanksgiving.

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