Simple Ways to Boost Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Online

Fundraising can be a scary topic for many nonprofit organizations. We value the work we do and the services we provide so highly, that we oftentimes are nervous to ask for money! But securing donations allows us to keep providing amazing support in our communities.

As social media fundraising becomes a stronger platform for raising donations, it is important to understand just how effective peer to peer fundraising or ‘friendraising’ can be to boost donations and engagement with your donor base! Here are some quick ideas for utilizing fundraising technology to boost your organization’s peer fundraising.

Use your volunteer base

Odds are, your organization has some incredibly talented and well-connected volunteers who are more than willing to help. The great part about peer to peer fundraising is a simple fact that you already know great brand ambassadors who can elevate your cause! Asking your already engaged donors or volunteers to help expand your donor base requires having a strong platform to support your volunteers. Take advantage of your extensive volunteer base and invest in free donor management software that allows you to fully engage your volunteers in your fundraising efforts.

Keep your ask simple

While donors love to see the passion in the nonprofit causes they support, they also want to see an easy reason to give. By having your already engaged volunteers share the cause, you are keeping your ask simple. Peer to peer fundraising relies heavily on a transactional relationship. We want to support our friend who volunteers for a great organization, so we give to that cause. While these donors may not have a personal passion for your nonprofit, they enjoy the transaction of helping their friend and feeling good in the process.

Make it easy to give

Allowing your volunteers to provide an easy online donation platform for their social media networks is key to campaign success. The more clicks it takes to make your donation, the easier it is to lose your potential donors in the process. By investing in a user-friendly donation platform, your volunteers will be armed with the ability to ‘friendraise’ in the easiest way possible to support the cause!



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