Add a Creative Spark to Holiday Fundraising

While it stands to reason that nonprofit organizations receive more donations during the last eight weeks of the year, it also stands to reason that the competition among nonprofits for those funds is greater during those eight weeks.

Large, well known nonprofits, such as the United Way and YMCA, have secure relationships with corporations that pledge an annual donation, often by the fiscal year.  But, small nonprofits year after year jockey for position, and bombard privately owned businesses with their holiday campaigning efforts. If smaller and upcoming charitable organizations expect holiday-fundraising success, it is imperative for them to think outside-the-box.

Holiday Fundraising can be Productive and Enjoyable!

Partnering with small, area businesses is a great way to spread the word to a larger audience, give back to the local community, and ensure future fundraising support. Creative initiatives that integrate advertisement opportunities for business partners can increase the event’s potential and divide the workload. Then, the nonprofit is not left with the planning, organization, and hosting of an event which winds up being the mediocre, “could have been a blast” event of the season.

Fall and Winter are Fabulous Seasons to Host a 5k/10k

In many U.S. states fall is a time for crisp temperatures, and beautiful amber, red, and yellow leaves. Winter’s barren trees offer new landscape views and is void of bugs. Dedicated runners enjoy the cooler temps that keep the adrenaline up and the sweating down! And, the gift buying season is a perfect time to invite local cafes and gift shops to become event partners.

Cafes and local businesses are invited to set up tents and tables at the finish line. Cafes and bakeries can sell coffee, hot-holiday teas, hot cocoas and food, or give out free samples. Boutique proprietors can sell holiday gifts, and give out coupons. Local salons can hand out coupons as well and sell products, such as headbands and hair ties. Churches can offer free bottled water, lip balm, and hand warmers. The options for making the event a crowd pleaser are endless— add canines and local bands to the mix! People love to run with their dogs and listen to live music! The more exciting the 5k/10k is, the more runners and walkers will pay to participate.

But, if there is not enough time, volunteers and employees to back such an event as a walk/run, holiday market, neighborhood caroling, or trivia night, the web is still a viable fundraising option.

On-Line Holiday Fundraisers can also Integrate Local Partners

Many of the same creative initiatives used for live events can apply to online fundraising and donation marathons. Local cafes, salons, and boutiques donate gift baskets, gift cards, and product samples to the nonprofit. The dollar amount each individual or company pledges to the cause determines, of course, the gift donor receives. Giving the donor the option to have the basket or gift shipped to a friend or family member, is another attractive feature.

In return, the fundraiser webpage advertises each business which partnered with the nonprofit by way of product donation. But, the greatest advantage for the area partners is not only the foot traffic the product samples and gifts generate, but also the good reputation their charitable support will create.

 On-line, Festive Auctions Produce Results as well

However in order for a holiday, on-line auction to grant success, the nonprofit needs to secure unique product donations from local artisans, and diverse businesses. Paintings, hand carved woodworking, vintage albums and books, and handmade jewelry are just a few items that tend to peek interest and intrigue the holiday shopper! Whatever the fundraising goal may be, we are here to help you achieve it. Contact us today!



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