How to Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story with an Awesome About Us Page

Whether you are starting a nonprofit or wanting to revamp your website, one page you must have is an awesome About Us page. All too often, this is one page that gets ignored when creating any website. Research, however, has shown that this may very well be the most important page for readers to your site. You must catch their attention with basic facts about your organization, so they will move on through other pages of your site.

With so much information available, we have become scanners. Great information told in a simple, direct manner is what is going to grad the viewers attention and send them on through your website to learn more. You don’t need to tell every detail of history. Just stick with the facts and answer the basic 5W’s you learned in grade school during show and tell.


  • Who is in your organization? Who started it? Who is in charge now? What do your members/volunteers have in common.


  • Explain your mission. Make this description brief, an elevator version rather than a boardroom version.


  • Do you have regular events? What are they? Where are the location(s)?


  • Where are the donations going? Who benefits from the proceeds collected?


  • Why your reader would enjoy being part of your organization. Briefly list the individual benefits one can expect to receive by joining your cause.


  • Allow visitors to join or donate online. Give them links to become a member, donate, or request additional information. Link to other pages of your site for easy, instant reader access.

Keep your sight on the purpose of your nonprofit and gaining support for it when writing content for your “about us” page. Short sentences, basic information, engaging words to draw the interest of the reader. Understanding your reader is as important in this aspect as understanding the goals of your organization. Contact us for assistance in promoting your nonprofit. We are here to serve you!

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