Creative Ideas For Your Next Fall Fundraiser

Coming up with fundraiser theme ideas that keep people interested can be uneasy. It doesn’t have to be thoughtful and fancy, it just has to do the job. Easy fundraiser themes remain a terrific way to ensure your nonprofit succeeds. The four simplistic ideas listed below are great fall fundraiser themes, or maybe they can improve your inspiration!

Football Tailgate Party!

If you can team up with a local high school, college or professional football team; you’ll have the opportunity to invite the unified community to your fundraiser. As a result, they will connect with your non-profit organization and learn about your cause in a fun, memorable environment! Offer grilled hot dogs and burgers and interactive games to increase interest and profit.

Yard Cleanup

After all the leaves have separated from the trees and yards become littered with summer transforming to fall, raking season begins! You can turn this nuisance into gold by offering yard cleanup services for donations. If you happen to not have enough volunteers, contact your local high school for assistance from their Key Club!

Pumpkin Carving or Pie Baking Content

In order to host a pumpkin carving contest your organization will need to supply pumpkins, accessories, and carving utensils. You can make up for this buy requesting a reasonable fee to compete. On the other hand, a pie baking contest only requires you to spice it up with a few local celebrity judges! To be entered in the contest, you can charge a fee, and for a little extra money you can sell those extra pies.

Oktoberfest Pub Crawl

This particular idea can acquire a varying amount of money depending on how much you offer to the participants. At the entrance you could offer a prize raffle, transportation, or drink discounts! Adding a variety of games to your pub crawl is another way to profit more from ticket prices. One unique game you could use is answering trivia questions (related to your theme) at each stop. Teams with correct answers will earn points, and incorrect answers would result in point deduction. Fun prizes for the winners will increase the participant’s motivation.

It is important to remember that some people who’d like to donate may be unable to attend your events. This is incredibly simple to solve, so if you would like more information please contact us!


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