The Donor Mindset: Why They Give, What They Want In Return

Our daily news broadcasts, newspaper headlines and Internet feeds increasingly feature political strife, terrorist targets and generally downbeat stories, but in all the negative news, a positive statistic stands out: charitable giving in the last year increased to $410.02 billion, up 5.2 percent from 2016. Seventy percent of those donations come from individuals, rather than corporations or foundations. The people in the community, working every day to make a living, are also working to make life easier for those in need, with local health, education, arts and religious organizations seeing the largest share of donations.

Awards vs. rewards: why give and what’s in it for donors

A donors writing a check or giving their time or personal goods says, “Oh, it’s just the right thing to do.” But there’s three other good reasons to donate:

Personal attachment to the cause: They’ve experience a situation or illness close to the cause, and the result affects them deeply enough to care about others in the same situation. They need to reach out and assist so others are not similarly impacted.

Social/professional standing in the community: Small business owners allied with a charitable cause raise their social and professional standing; advertising their connection with a nonprofit raises both the community’s awareness of the nonprofit and the business’ opportunity to engage employees as socially responsible individuals.

The financial advantage: Donating to a charitable organization, whether by check, through donor software or employees’ volunteer efforts, results in a tax advantage for the business.

Three ways to make donors stay (and remind them they rock!)

Make it easy for them to repeat and track their donations

Donor tracking software provides constant updates of when, how much and who donates. Donors want to know their “track” record when it comes to their money; not only at tax time, but as a point of personal pride.

They’re not just another face in the crowd

Donors enjoy perks and rewards; provide extra tickets, front-row seating, pre-event cocktail gatherings or pre-show meet-and-greets before charity events. Goody bags filled with local treats and gifts thank donors for their generosity and provide free advertising to gift suppliers in exchange for their donated items.

Coupons, discount codes and silent auctions

The more donors save, the more they donate to your organization. Even deep-pocketed donors love a bargain. Offer coupons and discount codes for local restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, personal services and pet supplies. A silent gift basket auction packages items into attractive presentations and offers the opportunity to spend less and get more (reminder to donors: the basket winner can re-donate  items they don’t want or need, or re-gift them to family or friends, a secondary savings).

Process Donation’s donor management software is your able assistant for any fundraising event. From formulating ideas for a charity event, to contacting donors by email, building donor lists, tracking donations and expenses, selling event tickets online, meeting deadlines, assembling financials and thanking donors and staff, our platform works on all devices, monitoring all the details. Contact us for more information; let us show you the link to greater donor loyalty.






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