Create a Social Media Contest to Spread the Word that You Accept Donations Online

Fundraising and getting the public to donate to your nonprofit can be time-consuming and draining process. The beginning few months are the most difficult and often lead to burnout and overall project failure, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. The key is perseverance and not letting an unsuccessful attempt get you down. As they say in stock market terms, “You only lose when you sell!”

For anyone in such a position, there are thankfully many solutions to help you overcome some of the more difficult obstacles. Process Donations begins by offering an easy to use platform on which to host your donation pages. They seamlessly blend their custom pages into your existing site and then also provide tools to help you connect with members, arrange events, accept donations online, organize donor management, and more.

Now that you can easily accept donations, how do you spread the word?

Many tactics can be found that will provide you with ideas on how to market your nonprofit. While a site is great, no one will be there to contribute unless you inform potential donors that you now accept donations online. So, when it comes to marketing your business, each organization is different. Local nonprofits may want to attend farmer’s markets, while global companies may venture to create a documentary. One simple and affordable solution for all is to utilize a social media presence.

Social media has become popular recently as a leading advertising stream because of its free use and affordable marketing structure. Many falsely assume though that the best approach to a campaign is to put more money into it. This is true to an extent, but there are many other ways to gain engagement that may cost less than a dime. One of these is to create a social media contest.

Social media contests are easy and quickly enhance business engagement.

To start a social media contest, first, decide on what you are giving away. This can be anything as simple as a ticket to your next event, or a month free of your business services. Organizations usually give something back when a person donates, so this is most likely already something you have available.

Secondly, decide when you are running your contest. Many people are paid at the beginning and middle of each month, and weekends are always popular for social networks. At these points in time, you will receive more engagement and a happier and willing audience. Also make the contest anywhere from a weekend to a month long. This ensures that more persons have a chance to react and see your post.

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate giveaway and the best time to run your contest, be sure to include a picture and easy to follow instructions with your posting. People react better to more images and less wording. Post a high-quality photo of the product to be given away, and the let them know to like, share, and comment below. Add two or three sentences about your organization, and that’s it. The reason this works isn’t that of the giveaway specifically, though everyone loves free stuff, but because the algorithms on social media are ever-changing and hard to follow. One key factor though is always engagement. The more attention your post draws, the higher it will continue to rank and the more likes it will achieve.

Process Donation’s platforms integrate seamlessly with your social media, means that all you have to do is create a post and add a link to where you can accept donations. Considering how easy it is now to begin promoting a nonprofit, you may want to consider that career field change.



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