Three Ways To Fundraise And Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story

Before the donors arrive at your door, checks (or online contributions) in hand to present to your nonprofit, donors need to know you. They want to know who you are, what you do, why you exist and where their money goes. Expressing the history of your nonprofit combines storytelling, photography, videography and statistics, all centered around an appeal to the donor’s sense of social responsibility. With 1.5 million charities in the U.S., there’s considerable competition for donations and your nonprofit’s story must stand out to secure the highest level of funding.

Three ways your nonprofit’s story relates to donors

Your nonprofit’s identity: the facts, figures and first days

This is the core and center of your existence: describing what your nonprofit does, its mission statement and values and the client base benefiting from your work. You present the organization’s legally-recognized nonprofit credentials for tax purposes, annual budget, number of clients assisted annually, funds raised, number of paid and volunteer staff and an introduction to your early existence. Perhaps your organization had no permanent office space or full time staff, but community needs plus hard work and careful financial management made you today’s bigger, better nonprofit.

Your nonprofit’s client base: real life stories

Introduce donors to your clients through interactive meeting software, photos, video and voice recordings. Figures on paper never tell the human side of the story; donors cannot see their money at work based on a profit-and-loss statement. Donors unable to meet clients in person learn who benefits from event fundraising, see results and understand that regardless of the donation size, their money makes a difference.

Your nonprofit’s technology makes the most of donations

Today’s donors seek fast methods of giving money to charity. Busy people want a donation platform that’s dependable and provides the opportunity for socially responsible and secure giving. Process Donation’s technology accepts donations online for charity events while providing donors with a safe way to donate regularly. Our free donor management software is your nonprofit’s partner for donation page creation, peer to peer fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns, event management, donor tracking and letters of appreciation. Our mobile-enabled software means all features are available anytime on any device. Call or contact us online for information or a demonstration, and we’ll help tell your story.



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