A Personal Presentation Expands Your Nonprofit’s Reach

Competing for donor dollars requires many charities keep a full-time fundraiser on staff, or an entire department dedicated to donor management and fundraising events. But the right approach on your website relates the story of your organization while appealing to donors on a personal level, connecting with both their desire for social responsibility and need to show their peers their definition of a good life intertwines with your nonprofit events.

Your nonprofit’s story: three appeals to different donor groups

The nostalgia angle

Older donors won’t always understand the dazzle of current digital platforms, but they understand the tug of nostalgia. Use tintypes and black and white photos showing history as it was before your nonprofit began its work improving lives. Describe conditions and situations improved by your community efforts in crowdfunding and peer to peer fundraising; these recent terms describe small-town, localized efforts you mesh with modern nonprofit donor management software.

Video posts: in their own words

Busy millennial donors hate taking time to read a text of more than a few words; get their attention with no words at all. Use video and Instagram posts featuring staff and clients of your nonprofit and couple the images with their own words. End each video or Instagram vignette with a donation request. No writer tells the story of your organization’s achievements better than those who benefit from its work or those who see the positive results every day.

Parallels: current events and your nonprofit’s work

Your nonprofit’s relevance matters to all donors; the ability to trust, track their donations and see the money work is vital for a continued relationship. Refrain from political bashing or religious proselytizing, but appeal to potential donors using current news events. An example is a nonprofit providing funds for emergency food, shelter, clothing other basic assistance featuring news of the severe wildfires in the western U.S. The current events remind donors that anyone may need help at anytime and their donations help people just like themselves.

Process Donation’s software provides a personalized focus for your outreach efforts. Our platform is your virtual assistant for event branding, marketing, ticket sales, staff communication, donation campaigns and management, emailing, financial reporting integration and planning the next successful event. Our app goes to events, the office or anywhere your nonprofit needs you. Reach us online for more information and increase your nonprofit’s reach today.

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