Finding Partners to Promote Your Donation Page

Fundraising often seems to happen in cycles. There are the times you can rely on funds coming in, such as the end of the fiscal year, or your annual gala or other event. Other times, it can seem like you’ve exhausted all of your regular avenues for generating donations.

While the ebb and flow of donor engagement is natural, there are some creative ways that your organization can partner with other entities to do some extra promotion. With some outreach and a little ingenuity, you can transform your slow season into a garden of new opportunities. What are some of the pre-existing groups in your community who can help accrue donors for you?

  • Fraternities and sororities. While Greek organizations can seem like they’re all about partying or camaraderie, many fraternities and sororities do have charitable missions. Many of these organizations hold campus fundraisers–like bake sales, dunk tank fundraisers, and charity 5K’s–throughout the year. Connecting with the coordinator of Greek Life at a college or university near you may be a way to garner not only more donation dollars, but potentially recruit long-time donors or skilled volunteers.
  • Fraternal organizations. Often overlooked in cities especially, organizations such as the Elks, the Kiwanis, or Knights of Columbus are an organized group of ready volunteers who may be willing to organize and host a fundraiser for your organization. Even better, many members may be retired and interested in volunteering with your organization for the long-term.
  • Rotary International. This global group has a mission of uniting leaders in business and community. There is likely a group near to your organization. Many Rotary groups meet monthly and are often looking for guest speakers. They may be interested in having you or your executive director speak to them about your mission and the programs you offer.

Tapping into local groups is one way to increase your donor reach this year. Working with an organization like Process Donation can help you to keep track of your stakeholders and the donations they contribute.

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