Promote Your Unique Summer-Fun Fundraiser Today!

Now is the time to set all your plans in motion for your summer fundraising events. Check out these ideas and then start promoting your unique summer-fun fundraiser-today! We are here to help!

First, let’s look at some fun ideas to get the attention of fun-seekers everywhere. You could do any of these events anywhere in the country with only a bit of adjusting for your location! Whether you live in the mountains, on an ocean, or somewhere in-between, all of these can work for your organization.

  • Athletic tournament – volleyball, basketball, slow-pitch softball, three-legged relay racing – no matter where you live, you can promote an athletic tournament. Make it part of an overall event or a stand-alone, either way, this will attract active people who enjoy fun competition. Get a trophy donated for first place. Let groups sign up for a small admission fee or request donations from viewers of the tournament. Approach local businesses for donations of soft drinks, bottled water, Gatorade, etc., and sell them for a minimal amount.
  • Outdoor movie night – Plan an outdoor movie night! Set up nearly anywhere, i.e. large backyard, municipal park, old drive-in, lakeside, poolside, even a parking lot. Raise funds through ticket sales/donations, food sales, or corporate sponsorships. There are several outdoor movie event vendors that can satisfy all your needs in any budget. Search “outdoor movie vendors” for your local area.
  • Host a party – reserve an area in a park or get land use donated, just set it up and they will come! Have a cook-off and sell the results! Sell tickets for participants in a water balloon fight! Get a local band to donate a set for your finale! There are any number of ways to bring in multiple donations if you set up a great party atmosphere.

When you have your ideas in mind, contact us to help you set up a donations page for your fundraiser! Use email, Facebook, and Twitter for spreading the word in your community. It will be a sure success if you promote your unique summer-fun fundraiser, starting today!

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