The Importance of Online Giving and Smartphone Compatibility

Since the dawn of the digital age, nonprofits have had to work double time to keep up with the latest giving trends in an effort to both sustain and expand their giving base. With new forms of technology falling in and out of favor almost daily, one thing is certain: online giving is popular and on the rise. While this simple fact may come as no surprise, many nonprofits are struggling to truly harness the extensive benefits of online giving. How do nonprofits keep up?

The good news is, Process Donation has done the heavy lifting for you, building a safe and effective mobile platform that donors will use with ease. While some supporters will always prefer to write checks or use cash, the truth is, adding those extra steps between the donor and your bank account only expands the margin for error. While convenience is key, it’s not difficult to argue that, for nonprofit organizations, the top benefit to online giving is the added level of security that guarantees every single transaction is immediately deposited into your account.

Knowing safety and security are the top priorities of the nonprofit, the true benefit to the donor is the ease of online giving. With the popularity of smartphones, ensuring that your web-based donation platform is mobile friendly is of extreme importance. The great news is that Process Donations custom donation pages are compatible with all tablets and mobile devices, ensuring that donating to your nonprofit is easier than ever! Donors, with minimal effort, can give to your cause on any device, anywhere, anytime. Pairing security with ease and a professional look and feel, you create less work for your organization while retaining happy, trusting donors.

Interested in learning more about the benefit of mobile compatible online fundraising? Visit our websitetoday.

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