Bring In Donation Dollars With Fundraising Software

The nonprofit world is a competitive place, with 1.5 million organizations competing for nearly $360 billionfrom public institutions, corporations and private donors. Donations generally comprise between 10%-15%of the average nonprofit’s revenues, so for some small to medium-sized groups, that money means the difference between working within a comfortable budget and either cutting services or going out of business.

While the initial investment in fundraising software seems like just another expense, there are four reasons Process Donation’s software offers major benefits for minimal investment and no disruption in your nonprofit’s daily process:

Everything you need in one place

A single platform provides all the features your nonprofit needs, from branding and marketing your fundraiser to peer to peer and social media fundraising, donor management and customized event planning, registration, ticket sales, seating and data collection to analyze after the fundraiser, so this one successful event becomes your annual successful event.

Streamlining the process

With Process Donation, there’s no need to toggle between pages, looking for volunteers’ information, donor thank you letters or the latest financial statistics. The dashboard feature provides all the information in one place, so additions and changes are easy. And donors can find your donation page with a button on your website’s welcome page, register for a fundraiser, receive an acknowledgement, make a donation and get a reminder email before the event date, all in a single visit to your home page.

Secure access and accountability

All information on our platform is stored securely and help is available online or by phone. Donation results are easily integrated with accounting software in order to help your nonprofit meet its financial reporting deadlines. Donor receipts can be customized and sent by email, along with unique emails thanking them for their support.

Software grows and changes with your organization

Process Donation embraces the opportunity to meet your needs as your organization grows. System users can be added or removed, donor records consolidated, fundraisers tailored to include matching donations from donors’ employers and even in-kind donations and paper checks are welcome to our software platform.

Contact us for a free demonstration or more information, and we’ll show you how to generate more donations and forge stronger ties with every donor.


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