The Benefits of Controlled Peer to Peer Fundraising

In a world where keeping up with the latest technology can prove challenging, your nonprofit shouldn’t also worry about the dangers of peer to peer fundraising. When expanding your donor base is key to the longevity of your organization, relying on volunteer fundraisers to collect donations from their networks is a necessity. While expanding your reach can certainly be beneficial, it also means you won’t know all of your supporters, opening you up to individuals fraudulently raising funds on your behalf.

The good news is that there is a simple solution to keep your organization up to date on the latest web-based fundraising trends, while ensuring that donations are safely deposited in your account. Through Process Donation’s intuitive Peer to Peer fundraising platform, not only will your volunteer fundraisers enjoy the ease of using the online interface, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re ultimately in control.

The benefit to your fundraisers:

  1. Individual donation pages can be personalized and customized, ensuring that messaging is tailored to their anticipated audience.
  2. Pre-populated email campaigns make it easy to send mass messages and reach the most potential donors with minimal effort.
  3. Our platform is useful on many social networking sites, significantly expanding a campaign’s reach.

The benefit to the nonprofit:

  1. A peer to peer fundraising platform significantly minimizes the amount of funds passing through the hands of a third party before safely reaching your organization.
  2. Each donation made on the platform will allow you to collect reliable donor contact information.
  3. You will spend less time worrying about tracking volunteer fundraisers and their campaigns, and more time engaging with donors and building your base.

Above all else, Process Donation’s Peer to Peer fundraising platform is fun and easy to use, allowing your volunteer fundraisers the ability to support your organization and grow your audience with minimal effort and worry on your part.

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