Nonprofit’s Strategic Plan Specs: M.U.D. (Money, Unity, Diversity)

It starts with a thought, a scattered plan, a passion born of pain and the desire to alleviate suffering for others. It’s the idea of creating a cause, changing the world with a charity and leaving all around you better for what you’ve achieved.

It’s heroic and humble at the same time, and it’s also doable. There are roughly 10 million charitiesworldwide, with 1.5 million of those in the U.S. Many are the efforts of one person or a dedicated core of compassionate individuals who receive little or no compensation, but work towards their goals through political unrest, economic hardship and personal deprivation. To start doing good, start with three tenets of a basic strategic M.U.D. plan:

Money and funding

The financial foundation of your nonprofit: Do you have donors lined up with fists full of money? Or are you looking a way to build a list of those generous people? What about small businesses in your community, or the one or two large corporations in your county interested in becoming more socially responsible and possibly interested in working with you? Do you know what a nonprofit grant is, where to find them and can you complete the paperwork, or find someone willing to write the applications?

Unity of vision and purpose

The reason for your existence: You’re driven and determined to help find a cure, right a wrong, speak for the voiceless or seek and assist the needy and forgotten. But too broad a vision confuses potential donors and creates confusion as you attempt to organize staff, volunteers, paperwork, your mission statement and identity. Donors and corporate partners align with a cause they understand completely, value personally and recognize as beneficial to a specific group.

Diversity of staff and acceptance of beliefs, opinions and different points of view

Seek supporting and opposing viewpoints: The last thing your cause needs is the “yes (wo)men”: people who agree with you on everything. Concern for your cause carries great emotion, which often leads to fast and rash decisions. Cultivate diversity of opinion and experience as you progress; find mentors and leaders with nonprofit, financial and legal experience and learn from their successes and mistakes.

And to pull the plan together, go with the best technologyProcess Donation’s donor management software is your strategic partner. From managing donor lists and money to setting up all phases of fundraising events, notifying and thanking donors and mobile fundraising, our free platform works and grows with you, taking your nonprofit from dream to doing good. Contact us for more information or go online for a free demonstration.

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