Your Nonprofit’s Best Fundraising Idea: Your Website

If you are one of the 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S. seeking the estimated $374 billion in funding needed to keep these organizations running in the upcoming year, you’re not alone in wondering where and how to find the money. Here are four ways to maximize your most visible resource, your nonprofit’s website, as a key fundraising tool:

Make it personal through pictures, video and storytelling

Your staff and charity beneficiaries are the best salespeople; record their stories and post them. Let them tell potential donors what the nonprofit means to them as volunteers, the benefits they receive and how their lives have changed because of their interaction with your organization.

Keep it local

Donors want to know the community impact: where the money goes, what it buys and what happens to the recipients. Provide a link to simple examples of your nonprofit’s financials. Account for money raised last year and detail how it was spent: number of families assisted with housing, children fed, homeless pets sheltered, schoolbooks and backpacks bought, diapers and cans of infant formula purchased.

Ask for the donation

Place the call for action on your main page, linked directly to the donation software. A donor offered easy and quick access to your funding page is more likely to take that step. Appeal with emotional need, tempered with statistical evidence, a realistic donation amount and even a creative pun (“60,000 county children go to bed hungry every night; your $20 makes an meal-istic impact”)

Make it easy with technology

Process Donation’s platform does more than bring donors to you; from managing donors, sending emails and donation receipts to social media fundraising campaigns, event management, ticket sales and account software integration, our software is your partner in finding donors and turning them into your organization’s best lifetime assets.

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