Promoting Your Nonprofit In Ways Fit For The Holidays

As winter holidays draw near, we find ourselves having less and less time to spare. But the holidays are also a time when we want to reach out and help others. The holidays are a season of giving; giving gifts, giving time, giving love. For many, a tradition of charitable work has been a part of their family history as strong as the Christmas turkey. But how can we raise funds and awareness to an important cause when there is so much to do? When your nonprofit works alongside Process Donation, it’s easy. The end of the year is the perfect time to promote your charity, and here are some ways to do just that.

1. Collaborate With A Local Business

Some places, such as Savers and Value Village, will work with you to establish a unique fundraiser. In the case with Savers, you hold the fundraiser to collect household items and clothing, and when your charity drive is over you bring the goods to the store and they pay you (by weight) for your collected donations. Using Process Donation’s donor management system, you can easily send out group emails to let supporters know what’s going on, when, and how they can help. You can also post directly to social media sites like Twitter and Google+ to reach an even wider audience. The end of the year is a perfect time to clear out the house and the perfect time to work with a charity. Why not do both at the same time?

2. Emphasize Charitable Tax Credits

It might seem tacky, but many people are looking to get in last-minute tax credits for the year. And lots of people don’t know that a charitable donation is tax deductible. Plus, Process Donation can set up your payment system to immediately send out a donation receipt to any donor.

3. Host a Potluck Dinner

This is a classic, and with good reason. What better way to celebrate a season of gathering among friends (and putting off cooking dinner for a night) than a potluck? A huge perk of partnering with Process Donation is that they do all the legwork! They create a customized registration page for the event that lists time and place, and sell the tickets for you. You have plenty of options to tailor the page to your charity’s needs, including custom fields for questions like food preference, allergies, or what people want to bring.

4. Set Up Shop Somewhere Public

Every year you’ll see bell ringers and people with buckets camped outside the grocery store, looking for donations to help their cause. They do that because that exposure works and makes them more visible. Take a page from that book and, with all the proper permissions, set up your own table. Find a location that is appropriate for your charity. Is your charity for a disease or medical related issue? Try sitting in front of the pharmacy. Animal advocate? Pet shops, dog parks and the vet are perfect places to be. Sometimes it helps to add a bit of spectacle to your table to catch a few eyes. Anyone brave enough for caroling?

5. Get Sponsored

If there are local competitions you can participate in, do! Be it an indoor race, the Polar Plunge, even a pie eating contest. Send out email blasts and post on social media that you’re a participant and you need sponsors for your cause.

6. Ask For Donations In Lieu Of Gifts

If you show the people you know that you care enough about your cause to give up unwrapping presents, they will take an interest as well. In fact, they might be inspired to donate on other peoples’ behalf… like for that coworker they got in the office Secret Santa and have no clue what to give. Charitable contribution is always an appropriate gift.

7. Hold A Raffle

Sell your tickets through your customized page and offer a prize to the lucky winner. Give a special award for the person who donated the most.

8. Team Up With Another Charity

Double the causes mean double the donations. You could try pairing up with a charity close to yours (such as breast cancer and heart disease) or choose something totally different (like homelessness and animal rights). You’ll raise awareness to your cause among donors who wouldn’t otherwise think of you.

9. Hold An Event

A holiday gathering brings merriment and cheer. You could host a Christmas dance, a baking contest, or invite Santa to read stories and take photos. With admission and refreshments sold by donation, a great time can equal a profitable time as well.

10. Make A Gift Wrapping Station

Offer gift wrapping for busy shoppers. Set up a kiosk at the mall, or rent a large space (such as the Elks lodge) and offer to wrap gifts for people with too much on their plate. Knowing that all profits will go to charity will incline people to let someone else do some holiday work so they can relax.


At a time of year when both stress and generousness are at their peak, Process Donation lets you focus on what matters most. They handle all the nitty-gritty details of keeping a nonprofit running smoothly- from event organization, to ticket sales, to automatic donation receipts- so you can put your energy into what counts. This holiday season, , give your charity the recognition and support it deserves; let Process Donation give you a hand.

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