Five Fundraisers For Happier Holidays

“The holidays”: the time period starting with Halloween and ending with New Year’s Day. The two-month testament to overbooked schedules, overeating and overspending.

A socially conscious holiday appeals to many people, tired of the brash commercial barrage of advertisements. Here are five fundraisers for your nonprofit that meet the needs of holiday shoppers and provide them with a socially clear conscience:

Bid on tools, build a house: Everyone needs a few basic tools in the garage or shed for common home repairs. Stage a tool auction and raise funds to build a Habitat for Humanity house.

Create a plate for the hungry:  Work with a local artist or an art studio and offer a pottery class for charity. Participants pay to create a plate or bowl and your nonprofit sells them to raise money for the homeless, a soup kitchen or after-school feeding program.

“Heads” for the holidays: Ask a local junk yard, plumbing  or home supply store to donate old toilets. Paying participants paint them, local politicians judge them and the finished works go to the auction block for your charity.

Oh yes, it’s gamers’ night: Gamers of the newest and oldest generation get together. Open the community center, bring out the vinyl records, board games, consoles and downloads and let the fun begin. Livestream the action, sell food and drinks to raise money in addition to charging admission.

Pajama party at our nonprofit “house”: Dress in pajamas, roll out sleeping bags, set up tents and welcome the community to your nonprofit facility. Offer participants the choice of indoor or outdoor arrangements, food, drinks, crazy PJ contests and tours. Cater one main meal for everyone; the funds raised are fees from food, drinks and ticket sales.

Process Donation’s platform brings donors, nonprofits and fundraising ideas together from start to finish with custom donation pages, dashboard management, email and social media campaigns, event registration and ticket sales through thank-you letters, donation reminders and accounting software integration. Our software does the hard work of fundraising, so your nonprofit continues to meet the community’s needs.

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