10 Ways to Maximize Year End Giving

One of the questions I have been receiving lately from nonprofits is, “How can my organization maximize year end giving?” Although organizations are working hard all year long to raise funds, they realize that that nearly 1/3 of giving happens in December? 12% of all giving happens in the last three days of the year, making sure donors get in the last minute tax breaks for the year. November and December are the most popular months for giving. We are listening here at Process Donation and have come up with a list of ways you can maximize on year-end gift giving.

  1. Optimize Your Web Presence. To compete in the current market, nonprofits need to increase their web presence and reach a broader range of donors. You can optimize your presence by building a strong homepage, embrace social media, run email-marketing campaigns, and build your brand to name a few ways. The more ways your organization can be seen, the more donations you will potentially see.
  1. Make Donating Easy. When donors arrive on your website and plan to give, make it easy for them to Donate. Many organizations bury their Donate button in their site on different pages or at the bottom of their home page. The most successful organizations have their Donate button at the top or right in the middle of their home page, which makes it quick and easily accessible for potential donors to find. With Process Donations tools, we can help your organization accept donations for numerous causes online and easily track those donors.
  1. Utilize Social Media. Most organizations have some sort of social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, or any of the social media outlets available. With Process Donation all packages come with the accessibility to manage campaigns through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If your donors do not know you are campaigning or needing donations, they cannot donate to your organization.
  1. Take Advantage of Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is the new Black Friday, kicking off the holiday giving season. As a global day of giving in 2016 there were $177 million dollars raised online. Make sure that your organization is ready to embrace Giving Tuesday and start sharing your donate button NOW!
  1. Plan Giveaways on Social Media. Partner with a local business to giveaway gift certificates to their business. You can offer a chance to win with every donation received.
  1. Thank Your Donors. Think easy and electronic communication. With Process Donations Premium and Ultimate packages, nonprofit organizations can customize their thank you emails to include promo codes to partnering merchants. Offer a promo code for so much off tickets to your next fundraiser or partner with other businesses to offer coupons
  1. Offer Multiple Giving Levels. With Process Donations Standard, Premium and Ultimate packages organizations can offer as many giving levels as they choose. Through the holiday season make giving a snap with a few additional giving levels along with the option to let donors choose their giving level, to appeal to all donors.
  1. Invite People to Fundraise for You. Through Process Donations Premium and Ultimate packages, organizations can ask family, friends, and all individuals to fundraise for them. Many individuals are turning birthday’s and holiday’s as a way to give to their favorite organizations instead of receiving gifts.
  1. Utilize the Holiday Season. Many people are even more generous during the holiday season, it makes them feel warm and fuzzy knowing they are helping someone else during the holiday season. Does your organization help individuals? Put up a giving tree with wish lists to help those in need. Create a specific year-end cause to help with holiday meal delivery. The opportunities are endless when it comes to the holiday season!
  1. Begin with Your Current Donors. When people and businesses look at making substantial year-end gifts, they are not typically looking to donate to a new organization, they look to whom they have helped in the past. Use this to your advantage and start campaigning now to make sure those donors think of your organization first.

There are so many ways your organization can benefit from year-end donations, visit Process Donation today and let us help you create a donation page to fit your organizations needs.

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