When The Boss Balks: Get That “Yes” For Fundraising Software

The business of raising money is big business in this country. There are 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S., and Americans gave over $373 billion to these charities in 2015. And it takes time and money to raise this kind of money: highly rated nonprofits spend in the range of 10% to 20% of every dollar on overhead costs, but many nonprofits spend much more.

Nonprofits must raise money for their cause, and to remain in the business of furthering that cause often requires some paid staff and purchased services. What do you say to the decision makers at your nonprofit when they brush off the idea of purchasing fundraising software with yet another “Maybe” or “We’ll see when budget time rolls around”?

  • It’s an investment, not line item spending: When it comes to fundraising, it really does take money to make money: local businesses contribute time and services and loyal volunteers help, but expenses happen. Once installed and current IT and financial staff trained, the software requires no additional staff to operate, no vacation and no sick days.
  • Software insures a foundation’s future: Tracking donor information and fundraising activity online means money moves to the beneficiaries faster, donors receive feedback quickly, new fundraising efforts go public sooner and the foundation brand is one of long-term social responsibility, not just fundraising.
  • It’s specific to a nonprofit’s needs: Unlike general purpose accounting software and spreadsheets, fundraising software works with donors’ needs and the Internal Revenue Service’s rules and paperwork requirements.
  • It adds additional safety to handling money: Restrict access to various levels of the software to whomever the boss chooses, unlike spreadsheets and general accounting platforms, where entire departments have access.
  • It opens the door for direct donor involvement: The Process Donation platform links donors, causes and company fundraisers on one site through branding, email updates, thank you letters and mobile fundraising, enabling your boss to reach any potential donor at any time. It’s easy to track fundraising progress, direct money to specific causes and update donors.

Adding fundraising software is a three-way asset: donors enjoy control and recognition at a controlled cost while increasing your foundation’s community reach and fundraising levels.




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