5 Unique Holiday Fundraising Ideas

For many people, holiday time is giving time. Start thinking about ways your organization can capitalize on that giving spirit. Here are 5 unique holiday fundraising ideas.

Day After Thanksgiving Bowling Fundraiser. The day after thanksgiving many people are looking to get out of the house and get some exercise. Not everyone wants to go shopping and you may still have family in town. Use the day to get families together to support a cause and have fun together.

Give to Support Reading. Hold a book reading contest. Children can receive pledges from neighbors and family members for each book they read from Thanksgiving to the last day of school before winter break. This is a great fundraiser for PTAs, local libraries or anyone that wants to encourage literacy for children.

Jump for a Cause. With the weather turning colder, indoor activities are a great alternative. Enlist the help of your local, indoor trampoline franchise and get kids moving. Each child and/or adult admission for one hour can go to help support your organization.

Self-Defense Class for Women. Ensure that the members of your community stay safe this holiday seasonWork with your local, self-defense instructors and provide an evening class in women’s self-defense.

Parent’s Night Out. Shopping during the holidays seems impossible if your kids are always with you. Organize a parent’s night out. For a small fee, parents can drop their kids off at the local community center or school and enjoy pizza and movie. All proceeds can benefit your organization.

Be creative in your fundraising. Big or small, all the money received goes to support a great cause.


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