A Game Plan for a Great Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday, the global day of giving back, arrives on November 28. How did last year’s international day for donations turn out? Individual and corporate participants in 98 countries raised $177 million. They did it online, door-to-door, in stores, on the streets, at schools, through planned campaigns and impromptu bake sales and car washes. First started in 2012, Giving Tuesday is the socially responsible reaction to the all-out spending of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How is your nonprofit planning a great Giving Tuesday?

  • Create a specific donation page: Your website needs a Giving Tuesday tab, featured on the home page. The tab takes donors to video or live stream of your activities, providing a real-time look at what you do and who benefits from funding. On the page, explain what the Giving Tuesday funds specifically provide: how XX dollars translate into clothes and books for foster children, or meals for the homeless or doses of medicine for sick animals.
  • Build on your local brand: Create your own hashtag or tagline and spread the online word about giving. Ask local leaders to become involved with a proclamation, meet-and-greets, video and TV interviews and emails.
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising: Look to your supporters for help on Giving Tuesday. Dedicated volunteers and employees step in and raise money, and because they know your nonprofit’s mission, they have the knowledge to speak to the community, answer questions and become your best advertising.
  • Crowdfunding: A little different from peer-to-peer, crowdfunding utilizes social networks to raise money. Prospective donors can set up crowdfunding pages and direct money to your organization, or your nonprofit can offer its own crowdfunding page with small fundraising goals matched to specific needs.
  • Events: While social media crosses borders, boundaries and time zones, face-to-face events provide an opportunity for nonprofit staff to become familiar with the community. Try a “Change Makes A Difference” campaign with canisters in local shops for shoppers to donate their spare change. Or a “Paper Is Powerful” campaign, asking people to donate paper goods (toilet paper, towels, tissues) for those on food stamp assistance. Or a “Diaper Derby” race, with runners and walkers paying their entry fees in diapers and other baby necessities for under served children.
  • Process Donation’s places donors, nonprofits and funds on a single platform with easy-to-use registration, event and financial management features. From mobile fundraising capability to sending reminders and thank you notes, our software makes Giving Tuesday #Fabulousdaytofundraise.

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