Fall Fundraisers: Think Sports, School, Shopping

Along with the arrival of cooler weather and school, kids’ sports and after-school activities, holiday preparation and house/yard care for winter makes fall a lively, hectic time of year. The needs of nonprofits don’t change with the seasons; regular donations enable these organizations to provide uninterrupted service all year.

With everyone’s time occupied, what’s the best way to integrate daily life with raising money? Here are five ideas:

  • Raise money before a captive audience: School sporting events offer a seated audience in a gym or at a field location. Partner with the school or event concession operations: volunteers work the event in exchange for proceeds donated to charity.
  • Raise money at local holiday craft fairs: When folks have money to spend, put your organization out front with homemade or donated crafts and food.
  • Use food as a donation incentive: Few people can resist sweets and personal treats as the holidays approach. Sell small, compact items shoppers enjoy themselves or regift: jellies, preserves, apple butters, flavored vinegar, oils and hard candies. Create goodies in a jar, packing the dry ingredients in layers, decorate with holiday-themed ribbons and bows and add a recipe card.
  • Raise money minus clutter: Raffle services instead of selling goods, including spa days, car wash and detail services, maid for a day and organizing/packing assistance.
  • Use those canvas shopping bags: Everyone has too many of them sitting around. Solicit donations from local businesses (and place cards in the bags identifying the donor businesses). Fill the bags and host a silent “Bid On The Bag” mystery auction.

Make collecting and managing donations easy: Organizing and producing the fundraiser is hard work. Guide your donors’ money to your organization with Process Donation’s online technology. Their platform provides event branding, supporter campaigns, thank-you emails and event registration.

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