4 Ways to Quickly Cover the Cost of Your Fundraising Software

You need to spend money to raise money. Every nonprofit organization knows that modified adage is true. Fundraising software expedites your efforts, but the most sophisticated tools — donor management, accounting and marketing integration, etc. — tout at least a small fee. That fee is easily recouped by the platform’s capabilities, but we get it: You’re a nonprofit and every dollar counts.

That’s why we’ve come up with some tips to quickly cover the cost of your fundraising software.

1. Remember, Software Is an Investment

Yes, going digital costs some money up front, but the right software will cover that price and then some. Process Donation’s paid platform subscriptions, for instance, enable mobile giving, customized email campaigning, peer-to-peer fundraising, and crowd funding — strategies shown to help bring in significant revenue. Plus, our software helps your organization spend money wisely, which directly addresses a concern many donors have with giving. Per a 2015 survey from The Chronicle of Philanthropy, one in three Americans lack confidence in charities.

2. Find an ‘Investor’ 

Given how fundraising software can truly help your cause, a longtime donor, foundation or corporate benefactor could easily jump on board as an angel investor, so to speak. If a donor provides the funds for your software platform, be sure to thank them on your website or at your next big event as a show of appreciation.

3. Host an Event 

Alternately, you can host an event designed specifically to fund your future fundraising platform. Invite your dedicated donors to a special, albeit low-cost events, like a trivia night or tea party, and communicate how the software will pay off in the long run. Chances are, they’ll want your cause to succeed as much as you do and collectively fund the effort.

4. Run a Raffle

Work community connections to secure a solid prize or assemble an awesome gift basket. Charge a slightly higher fee per raffle ticket, so that a small portion of the proceeds can go to your cause, while the rest can fund your software subscription. Again, clearly communicate to your donor base just how important the new tools are to your efforts.

5. Share it on Social

Looking to cast a wider reach? Take to your social pages. Let donors know of your fundraising software initiative ahead of time or engage in a little peer-to-peer fundraising post-sign up. Process Donation’s packages, for instance, all make connecting with donors on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and email easier than ever before. You can easily recoup any costs — and jump start the next campaign or event on your to-do list — via an email or post across channels.

Want to learn more about how our premium and ultimate subscriptions can help your fundraising efforts? Request a demo here!

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