5 Tips to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Page

Social Media is absolutely everywhere, and it’s not going away anytime soon. For those of us involved in Non-Profit Organizations, social media can feel like a huge hassle that takes time away from our cause. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, by taking advantage of some of the functions a site like Facebook has to offer, social media can even save time and money that would be spent on advertising in the traditional media, while reaching a new audience. If you are struggling to use Facebook to reach your marketing goals, take a look at these tips!

1. #Hashtag Everything

Facebook’s hashtag function has made it easier than ever to generate more views, engage more potential donors and supports, and have fun while doing it. If you don’t already have a catchy hashtag for your organization, have a hashtag contest on your page. Your supporters will have so much fun thinking of creative hashtags that showcase the goals of your organization! Once you have your hashtag, use it on everything, and encourage your followers to do the same. A trending topic can be more transformative than media coverage these days, so take advantage of the free advertising!

2. Post Pictures of Events

One of the things that set Facebook apart from other social media platforms is the emphasis placed on picture sharing. While Instagram was created solely for pictures, rarely do people post more than one or two photos at a time. Facebook allows you to create entire albums at the click of a button! Whether you hire a photographer or put that creative hashtag to use by encouraging your supporters to post their own pics, you can’t go wrong. Fundraising events, activism, or recruitment can all gain more attention, attract more supporters, and expand your online presence with just a few well-angled selfies.

3. Keep a Clean Page

Nothing turns a new follower off more than getting constant updates about trivial posts. Keep your page clean by limiting your posts to one or two a day. As you come up to important events or deadlines, you can increase your posting, as long as it stays topical. Facebook pages and campaigns become ineffective when they veer off track, and posts become more about the people and less about the organization. Before you post, ask yourself “Is this about me, or the cause?” “How many times have I posted today?” and “What will the followers learn from this post?”

4. Host Social Media Contests

Keep your page fun and interesting by hosting social media contests. Much like the hashtag contest of #1, social media contests help your page gain more views, spread your name, and keep those who already follow you coming back for more. Whimsical contests like “name our mascot!” or “design our T-Shirt” are a great way to start. If your organization is working on a fundraising campaign, you can also use Facebook as a way to get followers involved, with “Who can raise the most money” campaigns, or educate your followers with trivia about your organization and cause. Prizes can be anything, but some good examples are merchandise with your organization’s logo, gift certificates, or special shout outs from you!

5. Don’t be Afraid to Live Stream

One of Facebook’s newest functions is the ability to live stream pretty much anything. Use live stream to connect to followers and supporters around the world. The best places to live stream are fundraising/activism events, where followers can feel like they are still a part of the organization, even without physically being there. Other options for live stream are testimonials of people you serve, legislative meetings (if your organization is lobbying a particular bill), or just day to day interactions you have as a result of your organization. Nonprofit’s supporters love hearing testimonials and feeling like they are a part of the organization, and live stream is a great way to promote those feelings.

Whether you are a well-established Nonprofit organization or just starting out, gaining and maintaining supporters is a necessity. Social media, when used correctly, can make reaching out easier than ever. We hope these tips will be useful to you in your next Facebook campaign!

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