Want Your Event to Stand Out? Tap These Top 5 Fundraising Ideas for This Summer

Fundraising while school’s in session or even right at summer‘s start is tricky. Prospective donors have graduations to attend, summer daycare arrangements to make, and pools to set up, among other big distractions. Once July rolls around, however, your non-profit will have the perfect opportunity to cater to families looking for a little summer fun.

Of course, your organization won’t be the only one hosting benefits. How can you attract more people to your events? Check out our top five fundraising ideas for this summer.

1. Throw a Fourth of July Pig Roast

Put a new spin on the old-school charity barbecue by hosting a pig roast in the park this Independence Day. Charge a small cover, then raise more funds by selling merchandise, raffling off prizes, and holding a silent auction, among other things.

2. Host a Color Run 

Take advantage of the summer‘s long Labor Day weekend and hold a color run. There are quite a few for-profit management companies that specialize in helping charities organize this colorful 5K. Alternately, you can order wholesale non-toxic color run powder or even mix up your own to keep a larger share of the proceeds.

3. Set up a Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Bring this summer fundraising staple into 2017 by tasking participants with taking selfies in lieu of finding items. Raise awareness for your cause by asking teams to post their pictures to Facebook or Instagram using the event’s hashtag.

4. Hold a Cornhole Tournament

Golf tournaments are lucrative, but also fairly commonplace. (High Heel Golfer estimates there are about 140,000 charity golf events worldwide every year.) Stand out from the non-profit pack by holding a good old-fashioned cornhole tournament. Setup is easy and cheap, especially if you DIY the sets. Plus, anyone can play.

5. Organize a Pet Wash

Switch up the charity car wash this year by offering to suds up some pups instead. After all, the timing is right — National Dog Day is Saturday, August 26. A great option for animal rescues or shelters (and beyond!), you can suggest a specific donation for each doggy bath and sell food or merchandise to pet owners.

Not sure which fundraisers are pulling in the most donations during the hot summer months? You can use donor management software to track your non-profit’s efforts.

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